Disruptor Week: Spotlight on comforte

Events | Posted: 14-05-2021
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As part of Distology’s Disruptor Week, sponsored by Galaxkey, we’re shining a light on those disruptive technologies whose mission is to make our online experiences seamless but most importantly – secure.

Our final focus is on comforte; experts in data security. From data discovery to data protection, their technology will ensure your compliance across a variety of industries and data workflows.

With the rise in data breaches over the past few years, it has been a hot topic yet not a surprising one for most.

The problem lies in the amount of data any one company can produce. From HR to marketing and sales to customer service teams, the first barrier for most organisations lies in the data discovery phase. We simply do not appreciate how much data we create, duplicate, and then circulate!

From team to team, fresh sensitive data is created every single day. As employees come and go, processes evolve respectively. Old data is lost in dormant accounts, and new data is created and stored in new applications, in new areas of your network.

So, how do you manage and control this ever-changing challenge?

This is where comforte AG steps in to the picture. comforte can firstly help you to discover the mass of data that exists, before recommending the best approach forward around the protection of that information.

There’s an argument to say that hackers accessing your sensitive data isn’t the true problem in terms of breaches. Instead, the problem lies with the readability of that data. If that data has been encrypted then it’s completely useless in that protected form, so adding extra layers such as passwords and MFA to access the data only further enhances the security wrapper around those files.

When people tend to think of encryption, the first thing that springs to mind is a barrier to efficient working – constant encryption and decryption of data by its users. Like a locked box that must continually be unlocked, then locked again, encryption can add an enormous amount of processing overhead.

comforte’s tokenisation technology goes beyond simple encryption (which is certainly not fool proof to begin with) to ensure that the data is fully protected as it travels. When applying tokenisation, you are replacing a sensitive data element with a substituted and completely innocuous ‘token.’ The token itself maps back to the original data element but doesn’t expose any sensitive data, meaning your data is completely usable yet protected from preying eyes if it intentionally or unintentionally falls into the wrong hands.

Their product range will enable you to become compliant with many industry and governmental regulations, from GDPR to PCI, and is used heavily by global payment service providers because no amount of data is too much for comforte’s data security platform to handle.

Keep in mind: with data comes fear. Fear that we’re not compliant with industry regulations and mandates. Fear that we don’t actually know how much data we have accumulated as an organisation or even know where it is (is it behind the firewall, or in a public cloud?). Fear that it will one day be accessed by the wrong people. Fear that we’ve gone past the point of being able to manage the data without creating friction in our teams.

But what comforte has done addresses those fears head on by creating an innovative and intuitive data security platform that solves each of these data headaches.

If this solution is of interest to you and you’d like to find out more, please sign up for the Power Hour event on Monday 7th June, where you can hear from comforte themselves.

There is also a comforte workshop taking place on Tuesday 8th June where you can enjoy a deeper dive into the product.

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