Workspace Security

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Securing the Frontline

Securing the network of any organisation starts with protecting the frontline.

As applications and IT infrastructures have shifted to the cloud, and with the majority of workers requiring internet access in order to complete the simplest of tasks, people are now the frontline defence. For this reason, it’s essential that people sit at the heart of any realistic cybersecurity strategy, closely followed by the tools they intend to use.

We know that through the rise of remote and hybrid working, traditional network boundaries have been eliminated, making it harder than ever to create a worry-free workspace that protects both the user and the organisation’s digital assets.


Creating a Frictionless Experience

Incorporating identity, device, web and email security solutions, our portfolio of workspace technologies, featuring the likes of Okta, Yubico and Jamf enable a zero trust-approach to security, are built to empower agility and are designed to be scalable.

These innovative technologies aid a frictionless experience for users to work efficiently and securely from their choice of location and device – without impacting productivity and getting in the way of completing important tasks.

Our Workspace Technologies

Identity Security in Action

Identity security solutions focus on verifying the identification of a user so no unauthorised users can access protected information. This safeguard prevents malicious actors from obtaining company data or damaging IT infrastructure and any deliberate or accidental data privacy breaches that violate regulations.

Ultimately, identity security is about the tools and procedures a company or individual can deploy to regulate and streamline identity access management.

Download our whitepaper to find out how solutions such as Identity Access Management (IAM), Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) and Passwordless technology can help you to achieve a Zero Trust approach to security.

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