Disruptor Week: Spotlight on Portnox

Events | Posted: 13-05-2021
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As part of Distology’s Disruptor Week, sponsored by Galaxkey, we’re shining a light on those disruptive technologies whose mission is to make our online experiences seamless but most importantly – secure.

Next on our list to celebrate is Portnox who specialise in simplifying and securing network access control for companies around the world.

Network access control (NAC) may not seem like a new technology to most, but here at Distology we hunt those innovative solutions that are bringing a new capability to the market. Portnox has done exactly that.

Recognised as a Microsoft Gold Partner, and by various industry titles and awards including Info Security Products Guide, Cyber Security Excellence Awards, IoT Innovator Awards, Computing Security Awards, Best of Interop ITX and Cyber Defense Magazine (to name just a few), it’s clear the techies out there see something special with the Portnox’s NAC solutions  – as do we.

For those not in the know, NAC is essentially the bouncer to your network. It identifies the good from the bad and everything in between, and then makes the decision as to whether that individual should be allowed on your network.

The software sees through all network layers – Ethernet, wireless, virtual, VPN and cloud. It speaks directly and natively with all existing switches, wireless access controllers, routers and firewalls to establish  complete visibility of all devices the minute someone connects to the network and enforces unique access control policies set by your network admins. Portnox have taken this security concept one step further and developed a standalone cloud-delivered NAC solution – Portnox CLEAR – which is the first and only SaaS NAC on the market today.

Portnox CLEAR boasts a variety of out-of-the-box integrations with a keen focus on cloud-based directories for complete agility, including Okta, GSuite and Microsoft Azure Active Directory. Such functionality has been a huge draw for some of Portnox’s UK customers, which include the likes of Royal London,  McLaren Construction Group and many others.

One example as to how and why you would need a NAC solution looks at employees who experience regular travel as part of their role. They will naturally be expected to logon to the network from a variety of destinations, so an intuitive NAC solution is key to ensure they can still access the information they need to carry out their job, whilst filtering out those imitators and threats that can compromise your network.

In addition, as we see the number of personal devices per employee increase that require access to a network to function, the importance of a solid NAC solution is Increasing by the day.

One way of testing this method is by thinking about the number of devices you have yourself that you use within an office environment. After your laptop/computer, printer, phone, tablet, security cameras, door access controls, you can see how time consuming and complex it would be to manage a network without a piece of technology such as Portnox CLEAR by your side.

If this solution is of interest to you and you’d like to find out more, please sign up for the Power Hour event on Monday 7th June, where you can hear from Portnox themselves.

There is also a Portnox workshop taking place at 10am on Wednesday 9th June  where you can enjoy a deeper dive into the product.

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