Cybersecurity Operations

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Create Visibility Across Your Landscape

In a world where remote/hybrid working is the norm, our cybersecurity operations solutions leverage cloud-based technology to give IT teams visibility into their organisation’s IT environment, no matter where they are physically located.

This allows teams to centrally manage and monitor any cybersecurity threats, while making sure there are no gaps in the organisation’s defences and they’re adopting a zero-trust approach to cybersecurity.

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Automate, Detect, Defend & Respond

Solutions such as LogRhythm allow IT teams to automate tasks, detect unusual behaviour, and respond as required in order to protect the organisation. While physical security solutions such as Verkada allow organisations to protect their physical environment including their people, property and assets via cameras, access control and highly sophisticated sensors.

From Okta and Auth0, to Verkada, LogRhythm and OPSWAT, our portfolio of vendors have been selected to help IT teams efficiently and effectively ensure they have the right measures in place, to monitor and action both physical and digital cybersecurity threats.

Our Cybersecurity Operations Technologies

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SIEM Explained in 1 Minute

SIEM stands for security information and event management. It makes the world safer by protecting organisations, employees, and customers from the latest cyberthreats.

It does this by providing a comprehensive platform with the latest security functionality, including security analytics; network detection and response (NDR); user and entity behaviour analytics (UEBA); and security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR).

Watch this short video to learn more about SIEM.

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Cybersecurity Disruptors in 2022

With the enterprise IT boundary removed, IT users working remotely and threat actors working more subtly and successfully than ever, how can businesses adapt their cybersecurity strategy to ensure operations continue without interruption?

Our report shines a light on what IT leaders across the industry anticipate will have the biggest impact on the cybersecurity space this year, while also hearing from experts in the sector on what they believe IT leaders can and should be doing to mitigate cybersecurity risks.

The Future of Cybersecurity

Technology from five years ago, let alone ten years ago, wasn’t built with today’s threats in mind. And, as threat actors show no signs of reducing in intelligence, outdated security solutions make it so much easier for attackers to exploit an organisation’s weaknesses. In addition, every employee in every organisation should have at the very least, a basic level of training on how to spot and avoid a potential cyber-attack.

We surveyed 250 IT decision makers, including IT managers, IT directors, CIOs, COOs/operations directors to uncover just how prepared businesses across the country are for a world where remote working is the norm.

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