Disruptor Week: Spotlight on Galaxkey

Events | Posted: 11-05-2021
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As part of Distology’s Disruptor Week, sponsored by Galaxkey, we’re shining a light on those disruptive technologies whose mission is to make our online experiences seamless but most importantly – secure.

First up is our headline sponsor Galaxkey who specialise in encryption technology to ensure the data you own can be fully controlled and protected.

When considering new and emerging technologies as part of Distology’s eco-system, there are a multitude of factors that need to be assessed. The business challenge the technology will solve, the cost to the customer, the average sales cycle and the quality of the product.

Certified by the National Cyber Security Centre (part of GCHQ), Galaxkey have created not only a technically watertight product, but an affordable one too which struck a chord with Distology when partnering with Galaxkey in 2020.

The company have created four key products that solve real-life business challenges: email encryption, secure online collaboration spaces, digital document signing and document encryption.

The suite of products is perfect for businesses within heavily regulated industries such as the finance sector, or for those that send frequent emails containing personal information – think the education or medical space.

The email encryption technology is reminiscent of a ‘James Bond’ scene with Q – Galaxkey have given you the ability to encrypt emails from the point of sending (including the copy sitting in your sent box), you can set time limits on the accessibility of emails (they will essentially self-destruct after a certain date), you can revoke access to emails after sending (handy for those moments when you need to recall!) and you can also stop your emails from being forwarded on.

With three layers of encryption, and no back-door vulnerabilities, this level of security means that you genuinely are in complete control of your data.

The technology also allows you and your team to encrypt with ease, create working records of document access and edits for audit purposes and most importantly protect your data, saving businesses from regulatory breaches which can be costly in terms of not only industry fines, but long-term reputational damage too.

But what makes the solution brilliant is the value for money. Galaxkey boast a wide variety of clients from councils, to primary schools and solicitors and airlines, so there is not a single sector that can’t afford to enhance their encryption tools.

Tying the solution together is a short sales cycle, meaning customers in need of this solution can get their hands on the tech in a short space of time and start protecting their business and more importantly, their data, asap.

If this solution has piqued your interest and you’d like to find out more, please sign up for the Power Hour event on Monday 7th June, where you can hear from Galaxkey’s Sales & Development Manager, Richard Oliver, deliver a short and snappy overview of the technology.

There is also a Galaxkey workshop taking place at 10am on Thursday 10th June where you can enjoy a deeper dive into the product. Distology’s Sales Manager Matt Paine will be quizzing Richard on the technology and you will be able to watch a short demo of the platform in addition to asking any question you may have around the technology.


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