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Why Cyolo?

Cyolo is a Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution that allows users to securely connect to companies’ applications, servers, desktop and files within the network, whether they are hosted on prem or in the cloud. Users never connect directly to your network, so you do not need to expose your sensitive network information, and the risk of lateral movement is removed. Seamlessly integrating single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all applications and resources with enhanced network security, with minimal effort to deploy and virtually no changes to your existing infrastructure.

Cyolo Use Cases

SSO & MFA for All Applications

Whether on prem or in the cloud, Cyolo provides SSO and MFA into your networked resources including applications, servers, files, Operational Technology (OT). Able to extend cloud native SSO solutions such as Okta, the user experience remains consistent, with the policy engine providing easy management of who has access to what. All users need is their login details and a web browser.

Secure Remote Access to OT

Provide remote access to your OT, even if it is not directly connected to the internet. SSO, MFA, Session recording and supervisor access enhances your compliance and allows 3rd parties and contractors secure access that can be closely monitored. Stop sharing passwords, encryption keys and secrets with users by embedding them in the admin console for frictionless access.

Third Party & Contractor Access

Without the need for software or hardware downloads, Cyolo can provide access to your resources on a Zero Trust basis. This solution does not directly connect users to your network, and access can be supervised and recorded, further strengthening your security posture without impacting on the users experience and allowing them to get on with their job.

What Is Zero Trust?

The advancement of networks and technologies and the rise in remote working has left organisations in need of a solution that securely connects their employees to their applications on the basis of least privilege – only providing exactly what is needed and nothing more. Adopting Zero Trust ensures that organisations continuously verify the identity of their users before and after granting them access to network apps – blocking both internal and external attacks.

A True Zero Trust Solution

The only broker that offers true Zero Trust; Cyolo does not store user data, encryption keys or credentials in the cloud – giving customers peace of mind about where their sensitive data is kept. Not even Cyolo has access to your data, so they can’t be weaponised against you. Integration with your existing IDP allows for seamless SSO and MFA, that combines your identity strategy with your network’s security. Gartner’s ZTNA Market Guide 2022 listed Cyolo as a representative vendor.

Distology How Rapac Energy Saved Weeks of Work by Securing Their OT with CyoloPlay Video

How Rapac Energy Saved Weeks of Work by Securing Their OT with Cyolo


As a leading power plant, Rapac Energy are under strict security and compliance regulations. On top of this, their network is isolated from the internet, yet it’s vital for them to connect with customers and external support teams on a daily basis.

How did implementing Cyolo save Rapac Energy time, money and resource during a global pandemic?

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