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Connect and centralise security and monitoring tools with Network TAP and Aggregator solutions.

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You Can’t Protect What You
Can’t See

Complete visibility into critical assets is the foundation of securing and defending an organisation’s IT and OT networks. Especially in OT environments, many organisations lack visibility into key areas of their networks. This is due to the challenges associated with deploying security sensors in a distributed network where there are unidirectional connectivity requirements and legacy equipment is common. Garland Technology has been helping companies’ OT and IT network monitoring and security sensors deliver on their promise of performance and protection because Garland’s Network TAP, Packet Broker and Data Diode solutions enable the deployment of these tools while reliably delivering all of the data the sensors need to perform.

Garland Technology’s 100% Focus is Delivering Packets

Purpose-Built OT Network TAPs

  • Purpose-built hardware devices allow access to your monitor traffic by copying packets without impacting network integrity.
  • TAPs allow network traffic to flow between network ports without interruption, creating an exact copy of the traffic flow, continuously, 24/7.
  • Garland’s TAP portfolio is unmatched within
    the industry.
  • Specialised TAPs for unique OT environments including extreme temperatures, vibrations,
    space constraints, DIN-Rail Mounts and DC
    power supplies.

Modular, Scalable Network
Packet Brokers

  • Network Packet Brokers provide a collection of monitoring and security tools with access to traffic from across the network.
  • An NPB receives data from a number of links then acts as a broker, dealing the relevant data out to the connected monitoring tools.
  • Garland Technology Packet Brokers can aggregate, load balance, filter and deduplicate traffic to improve tool efficiency and reduce CAPEX costs.
  • All features and functions of Garland’s Packet Brokers are included with purchase. There are no additional port or feature licenses.

Hardware Data Diodes

  • Hardware Data Diodes and Data Diode TAPs are a cost-effective solution to provide an additional layer of security in OT networks.
  • When SPAN/Mirror ports are used, it’s best practice to connect via a hardware Data Diode to pass the mirrored data to the security sensors.
  • Using Hardware Data Diodes guarantees unidirectional traffic flow, ensuring that no data is passed back into the Switch SPAN/Mirror port.
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The Cybersecurity Threat
Is Real

When SPAN ports aren’t reliable, available, or configurable, you’re open to blind spots that hide malicious threats. Garland Technology helps to solve your visibility challenges with their extensive TAP, Aggregator, and Data Diode solutions.

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