Identity & Access Management

The best in breed identity access management platform for your workforce and customers, securing all your critical resources from cloud to ground with Single Sign-On, Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentification, Universal Directory and Life Cycle Management.

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An Elite Okta Partner & Identity Innovation Centre

Distology are an Elite Okta Partner, the only Identity Innovation Centre in the UK and one of just 8 centres globally.
This means we have been recognised for our outstanding technical capabilities, can build and deliver demo environments, have our say on future product roadmaps and deliver Okta quality thought-leadership pieces on the Okta product.
Ultimately, we can provide Okta level expertise on all kinds of technical projects and can assist you with any customer queries you may have around the Okta product.

Okta is the Identity Cloud

Okta is the foundation for secure connections between people and technology. By harnessing the power of the cloud, Okta allows people to access any application on any device at any time, while still enforcing strong security protections. For IT teams, Okta provides a single console from which they can manage identity, devices and access for all their users.

Universal Directory

Universal Directory is a flexible, cloud based user store that lets IT administrators customise, organise, and manage any set of user attributes.

Single Sign-On

Free people from password chains. A single set of credentials gives users access to enterprise apps in the cloud, on prem and on mobile devices.

Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle Management automates the provisioning of application access to joiners, movers and leavers in a business, with seamless links between directories and cloud apps.

Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentification

Secure your apps and VPN with a robust policy framework, a comprehensive set of modern verification factors, and adaptive, risk-based authentication.

Workforce Identity Assessment

How well is your organisation protecting and enabling your workforce?
Can your employees, contractors, and partners securely use any technology on any device,
whether they’re remote or in the office?

Take Okta’s two minute assessment to benchmark your organisation.

Your technology can do more

With over 6,000+ integrations, there’s a good chance we can connect anyone that touches your organisation to any technology they want to use. But what really sets us apart is the depth of our integrations. Explore how SAML, automated provisioning, and security analytics can make the apps you already use even better.

Okta Integrations

Leader in 2020 Magic Quadrant for Access Management

With over 6,000+ integrations, there’s a good chance Okta can connect anyone that touches your organisation to any technology they want to use. But what really sets Okta apart is the depth of our integrations. Explore how SAML, automated provisioning, and security analytics can make the apps you already use even better.” – would prefer to be referenced to as Okta.

Okta helps software & technology companies do two things

Workforce Identity

Protect and enable employees, contractors, and partners.

  • Single Sign-On for employees & partners
  • Secure cloud infrastructure
  • Deploy Multi-Factor Authentication everywhere
  • Automate on/off-boarding

Customer Identity

Build secure, seamless experiences for your customers.

  • Build highly scalable applications
  • Protect against account takeovers
  • Integrate enterprise identities
  • Secure APIs

CIAM for Dummies

Following on from Okta’s widely popular eBook “A Dummies Guide to CIAM”, Okta have reunited with the international experts in simplifying subjects – “A Dummies Guide to…” and produced a brand new guide explaining CIAM. This guide is perfect for prospects struggling to get their head around the importance of customer identity products and is available on the link below for download.


Customer Feedback

Thousands of customers have embarked on the Okta journey.

NEL Boosts Patient Care & Operating Efficiency with Okta

Neil Goodman | Head of Transformation & Strategy

“We have all these different legacy organisations, all with different legacy systems. Okta allows us to bring them all together under one umbrella, with a level of speed & efficiency that wouldn’t have been possible without that technology.”

Gatwick airport takes flight With Okta

Michael Ibbitson | CIO

“Gatwick Airport never shuts down and we expect the same from our partners. Okta’s enterprise grade service was the only solution that could meet our technical, operational, and security requirements.”

Okta helps engie give us a sustainable future

Claude Pierre | Deputy Group CIO

“We have been able to deploy more than 120,000 users across 60 countries in less than six months. Our partnership with Okta was essential to getting that done.”

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