Secure Enterprise Video Surveillance

Redesigned for Simplicity

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Verkada - Command

Delivering Security, Software First

Verkada is redefining video security for enterprises. By building cameras that operate on easy-to-use cloud software, all users have the power to access, share, and archive footage across locations whenever and wherever they are.

  • Real time alerts for unusual activity like tampering or camera offline
  • On-camera analytics for instant results
  • Built-in security features like 2FA and SSO and fully encrypted data

Use Verkada to Unlock SMARTER Access Control

Verkada is cloud-based access control.

Which seamlessly integrates with powerful video surveillance and security.

Get to see the Whole Story..

By combining real-time video analytics and information, with access-based events, Verkada delivers unprecedented insight into your building and the people who are in it.

Simple, powerful software to manage every camera and site from any device.

Instant Video Integration and Insights

Powerful software that works in any browser or device. No extra downloads, plug-ins, or configurations required.

Limitless Scalability Across All Buildings & Sites

Users can set up new cameras, create new sites, manage settings, access live and archived footage from anywhere.

Cloud-Based Software and Management

Automatic updates introduce powerful new capabilities while unlocking the potential of computer vision.

Secure Mobile, Remote, and Card Access

Access to view and manage video from any device (desktop, smartphone, tablet).

Protect Your Spaces Against COVID-19

Aimed towards enabling organisations to prepare for and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, Verkada’s COVID-19 Response Suite leverages Verkada’s powerful edge-based computing capabilities to provide teams with increased visibility and insights into what is happening across their organisation.

With these features, both essential organisations and existing customers can leverage Verkada devices to plan and respond to the pandemic while keeping both employees and guests safe.

Verkada Cameras

Seamless Integration

Keep your existing cards and reader, or enhance access by mobile entry with Verkada’s all-in-one solution.

Effortless to Manage

Easily scale access with intuitive software across buildings without compromising security.

Speed up Investigations

Receive instant notifications or quickly find events combined with relevant video evidence.


When you are using Verkada’s Command as a solution, the Software License includes:

  • Unlimited Cloud Archiving
  • Unlimited Number of User Seats
  • Automatic Firmware Updates
  • Security Patches & Enhancements
  • 30-Day FreeCloud Backup

If you really want to understand Verkada’s solution, take a look at the 3 minute demo video below from one of their co-founder’s and CEO, Filip Kaliszan.

Case Studies

GAIL’s Bakery

How a London-Based Bakery Uses CCTV Technology to Drive Better Business Outcomes

“I’m genuinely excited to have Verkada’s technology across our locations. Our team was blown away at what the solution could do a year ago, but the fact that it has continued to get better (with the development of new features) has really gone above and beyond our expectations.” – Brett Parker, Head of Properties

Not only has Verkada’s solution centralised CCTV management onto a single platform, Parker is able to access everything from his desktop and mobile device. The intuitive interface makes finding, saving and sharing clips achievable in a matter of clicks.

Mayfield School of Portsmouth

How a School Grant is Enabling Security Innovation at a UK Campus

“After a few minutes of using Verkada, the confidence I felt in using the system was tenfold what I felt with our old (CCTV) setup.” – David Jeapes, Head Teacher

To ensure compliance with statutory requirements in the UK, David Jeapes had to conduct a security audit prior to the implementation of Verkada’s solution. After checking off key GDPR requirements including role-based access, audit logs and two-factor authentication for identity verification, he felt that the right protocols were in place to ensure data privacy.

Verkada - YMCA


How a Non-Profit Organisation Deployed an Affordable, Scalable Solution Across Sites

“The best part of Verkada is the multitude of benefits. We’re able to centrally manage cameras for all sites in one, cloud-based platform. We can access footage from any desktop or smart device with app connectivity. We can share access within our organisation with quick acclimation for new users. We have high quality images and fewer cameras. We have more time, as a team, to focus on areas other than camera security and surveillance. The ease, quality, and affordability of this solution has been great for us and makes sense for any team.” – Brian Pond, CIO and Vice President of Technology

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