Secure Enterprise Video Surveillance

Redesigned for Simplicity

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Delivering Security, Software First

Verkada is redefining video security for enterprises. By building cameras that operate on easy-to-use cloud software, all users have the power to access, share, and archive footage across locations whenever and wherever they are.

  • Real time alerts for unusual activity like tampering or camera offline
  • On-camera analytics for instant results
  • Built-in security features like 2FA and SSO and fully encrypted data

Latest Product Release: CM41-E

Featuring a discreet and durable form factor, the CM41-E provides the same flexibility, performance, and quality that the Mini Series is known for while adding the option to be deployed outdoors.


With the CM41-E, Verkada now offer an outdoor camera across each product line, ensuring customers have the best fit for their specific video security needs.

Simple, powerful software to manage every camera and site from any device.

Instant Video Integration and Insights

Powerful software that works in any browser or device. No extra downloads, plug-ins, or configurations required.

Limitless Scalability Across All Buildings & Sites

Users can set up new cameras, create new sites, manage settings, access live and archived footage from anywhere.

Cloud-Based Software and Management

Automatic updates introduce powerful new capabilities while unlocking the potential of computer vision.

Secure Mobile, Remote, and Card Access

Access to view and manage video from any device (desktop, smartphone, tablet).

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Seamless Integration

Keep your existing cards and reader, or enhance access by mobile entry with Verkada’s all-in-one solution.

Effortless to Manage

Easily scale access with intuitive software across buildings without compromising security.

Speed up Investigations

Receive instant notifications or quickly find events combined with relevant video evidence.

Verkada Command


When you are using Verkada’s Command as a solution, the Software License includes:

  • Unlimited Cloud Archiving
  • Unlimited Number of User Seats
  • Automatic Firmware Updates
  • Security Patches & Enhancements
  • 30-Day FreeCloud Backup

The SV11 Environmental Sensor

Native Video Integration

Bring sensor and video insights together for actionable insights

Proactive Security

Get alerts of unusual changes detected in your environment

Cloud-based Management

Secure, remote monitoring from and device or browser

Have a few minutes to spare? See the technology in action for yourself in this 3 minute demo from one of Verkada’s co-founders & CEO, Filip Kaliszan.

Customer Successes

Customer Success - Verkada - Sook

Sook Retail

How a Retail Startup Uses Verkada’s Edge-Based Analytics to Optimize Spaces

“We’re bringing the power of analytics from the online world to the physical world and we are building that funnel. However, we’re not building that funnel just for data’s sake, we’re building it to democratise actionable insights.” – Dan Burnham, Chief Technology Officer

Through Command, Verkada’s cloud-based management software, Burnham has visibility into multiple sites at once. He is able to access video data from the convenience of his mobile device or any web-based browser. He is also able to track movement across sites with heatmaps, then click into a specific camera to view a live feed or review historical footage. This real-time insight, without the need to be on-site, will power the next iteration of Sook’s offerings.

Customer Success - Verkada - Bossa Studios

Bossa Studios

How a Game Developer Secures Office Buildings with Remote Video Monitoring

“The deployment was incredibly fast and easy. We literally opened it up, ran a Power over Ethernet (PoE) cable to where we wanted the cameras to sit, and within a few minutes we were looking at a live feed onscreen. The hardest part of the whole process was running a bit of network cable across the ceiling.” –Nick Warr, Head of Information Technology

With Verkada, Warr has a robust and reliable solution that provides him with secure remote access to live camera feeds and historical footage. Cameras are plug-and-play, so Warr didn’t have to configure IP addresses or search through Dynamic Host Configuration (DHCP) logs to make sure cameras were on the right network.

Customer Success - Verkada - Urban Splash

House by Urban Splash

How Top Home Developer Uses Verkada for Environment Safety and Quality Assurance

“The other security solutions were just a newer version of the archaic system we already had in place. We knew in a few years’ time they were going to be causing problems for us.” – Hannah Whitmore

Whitmore and her team can be working from home and still proactively engage and have oversight of the site. Also, she can easily create access accounts for other users, providing granular levels of access to just the footage that is relevant to that person’s role. While operating in steady state, Verkada cameras send a constant metadata stream (including encrypted thumbnail images and analytics data) to the cloud once every 20 seconds using a bandwidth uplink of no more than 20 kbps per camera.

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