It’s about more than just passwords

Simply built to help all companies reduce their risk, LastPass password manager reduces the use of passwords and is designed to support the shift toward a passwordless future.

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LastPass, a global pioneer in cloud security technology

By providing award-winning password and identity management solutions, easily integrated, LastPass helps businesses of all sizes enforce secure password practices while enabling their people to seamlessly access and share their work.

People are the #1 challenge to cybersecurity, with the human element being responsible for a staggering 74% of breaches. Despite advances in cybersecurity technology, enterprises remain vulnerable to financial, operational, and reputational damage from employees inadvertent compromising of security through a lack of awareness, understanding, or negligence.

Protecting Businesses

LastPass protects a business by imposing simple but secure password behaviours on its employees:

  • Making it easy for people to securely access and share apps not protected by SSO or containing sensitive information
  • Scale adoption with automation
  • Proactively monitor password health, enterprise wide
  • Further reduce password use with passwordless login options

Why LastPass for Your Customers?

Quick to deploy and easy to use

  • Auto save and fill on all devices
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Secure password sharing
  • Go Passwordless! with passwordless login

Centralised Console for Admins

  • Customise admin privileges
  • Comprehensive security reports
  • Gain company-wide visibility and employee insights
  • Automate with IDP and SIEM integrations

Comprehensive security policies and controls

  • Enforce password best practices
  • Group-level permissions
  • Secure every endpoint with advanced MFA
  • Customise admin priviledges for just the right level of access to get the job done

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