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Informed decision making

Choosing the right cybersecurity products can be a daunting task for customers and supporting them through this process is crucial.
We offer a variety of services and processes which support informed decision making, with experts working with you and your customer
to fully understand requirements, evaluate products and recommend the best solutions.

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Professional support

Distology is committed to providing you with the best possible service and support throughout the pre-sales process.

With our help and expertise you’ll be able to confidently promote and sell products, knowing that you are offering customers solutions which are aligned with their objectives.

Find the right solution

Discovery & Scoping

Using proven methodology, we’ll help you understand your technology challenge and scope a solution using services, products and their features as needed.


Live, tailored demos of real-world situations which resonate with customers’ pain points.


Gain skills to lead and facilitate fact finds to gather the key information that contributes to solution design & architecture.


Free trials and Proof-of-Concept workstreams, enabling customers to evaluate products with our experts on hand for help with technical questions.

Find out more

To find out more about Distology’s cybersecurity solutions or to request a demo please get in touch.