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Data is one of – if not the most, important asset to any business.

Data enables you to communicate, operate, transact, and forecast and for that reason it proves to be one of the most difficult areas to protect without creating friction for those who need to use it. Combine security fatigue amongst IT teams, the growing need for ransomware protection and a constantly evolving approach to multi-cloud security and you can see the very real challenges that organisations face when trying to protect their critical assets.

Fortanix provides integrated data security with encryption, multi-cloud key management, HSM, tokenization, and other capabilities from one platform. Primarily delivered as a solution as a service (SaaS) offering, it also offers other deployment options- on-prem, software and virtual deployments. Powered on Confidential Computing technology data always remains secure across its lifecycle- at-rest, in-transit, and in-use.

Data Security – Simplified

Distology Fortanix

Multi-Cloud Key Management

  • Single pane view to manage encryption keys, tokens and passwords
  • Options to bring your own keys, have Fortanix create them or integrate with public cloud KMS’s
  • You maintain control of your encryption keys and data
  • Policies that manage key use, access, rotation and creation
  • Secure, low latency access to keys and secrets that scale with your applications needs
  • Fortanix with Google Cloud’s External Key Manager enables organizations to generate and store encryption keys outside of Google Cloud (GCP)
Distology Fortanix

Data Security Manager

  • Hardware Security Module (HSM) as a service, FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliant encryption key creation
  • KMS, tokenization, secrets management and policy enforcement across resources
  • Ensures GDPR, HIPAA, CPS 234 and SCHREMS II compliancy
  • Identity access management with role-based access control to view audit logs
  • DevOps/SecOps friendly, easy to use, integrates with Rest APIs modern DevOps tools and containers like Kubernetes
  • Provides automated load-balancing, fault-tolerance, disaster recovery, and high availability
Distology Fortanix

Confidential Computing

  • The fastest and easiest path to protect applications and data while in use
  • Ideal for organisations in highly regulated industries working with sensitive data
  • Audit logs supplied to easily verify compliance requirements
  • Providing runtime encryption, ensuring data is never left compromised to hackers even at run time
  • Innovative technology that creates a secure wall around your data during runtime, resulting in true end to end encryption



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What is Confidential Computing?

For applications to access and process data, it must be unencrypted. Meaning to use the data, the application must be able to see the data. Hence, data in the memory of the device it is processed on, is unencrypted—potentially exposed to malicious agents.

This is probably why many organisations still prefer to keep their most sensitive data on-premises and avoid cloud migration.

Confidential Computing fills this security gap by isolating sensitive data and code during data processing. It facilitates the processing of encrypted data in memory while mitigating the risk of its exposure to the rest of the system, thus delivering a higher level of control and transparency for users.

Data Privacy in Public Cloud

The proportion of data being held in the public cloud is expected to double between 2018 and 2025, whilst the same time, the chance of experiencing a data breach has increased which has resulted in privacy regulations becoming more common around the world.

In this paper, Fortanix explore how a data-first approach to security technology needs to be adopted to protect your organisation.

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