Keepnet Labs

Reduce Human Cyber Risk and
Build a Security-Conscious Organisation

A holistic approach to mitigating human risk through email, voice, SMS, MFA &
QR code phishing attacks all on one consolidated platform.

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Keepnet Platform

Creating a Security Culture

Keepnet Labs’ core mission is to foster a robust cybersecurity culture, recognising that employees are an organisation’s frontline defence. Keepnet’s consolidated platform manages human risk and builds a security-conscious organisation using their human-centric approach, empowered by AI. With unique products such as Voice and SMS Phishing Simulators, #1 MFA Phishing, Threat Sharing, Email Threat Simulator, and Phishing Incident Response, their platform has earned the trust of over 3,000 enterprises worldwide.

Keepnet Labs

Reduce Human Cyber Risk

A startling 95% of financial losses in cybercrime can be traced back to human error. While technology has advanced leaps and bounds, the human factor remains a pivotal point of vulnerability in cybersecurity. Keepnet Labs goes beyond mere technological solutions. They delve into the heart of the issue: the human psyche. By cultivating cyber-conscious environments, they aim to drastically reduce the human errors that lead to cyber breaches. In an era where cyber threats constantly adapt and evolve, shouldn’t your defense strategy do the same? Empower your team, not just your tech and reduce human cyber risk today.

Keepnet Labs Differentiators

State of the Art Simulations

  • Vast number of phishing templates bespoke to individuals within specific industries.
  • AI-driven Voice, SMS, MFA, and QR code phishing simulation.
  • Full deployment in less than 10 minutes.

Drive Secure Employee Behaviours

  • AI-driven and role-based Attack Simulation, Training, Nudges, Posters, and Infographics teaching desired behaviors.
  • Omni-channel engagement: Teams, Slack, SMS, Email, Calls, Video, Whatsapp engagement.
  • Human-centric approach: Cybersecurity controls can harmoniously align productivity and security, reducing employee friction.

Consolidated Platform

  • Fully API-driven – 20+ built-in integrations.
  • Marketplace for 3rd party vendors, partnering with 9 of the top 15 content providers globally.
  • Self-Driving Capability.

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