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Events | Posted: 11-09-2023
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Disruptor Day Netherlands 2023


Join Distology for a special episode of Delve, which was recorded in front of a live audience in Utrecht as part of Disruptor Day Netherlands 2023.

Breaking away from the usual format, Distology’s CTO Lance Williams has invited a whole host of cybersecurity specialists to share their thoughts on some of the latest automation-harnessing technology services super-powering cybersecurity teams in their continued fight against cyber villains.


This Panel Discussion Explores the Challenges Of:

  • Operational Technology (OT) – able to work together in harmony? Digitally awakened machinery based on legacy systems are forming part of the attack surface that organisations need to protect, yet incredibly difficult to secure without impacting operational excellence. How can IT help OT teams to close this loop?
  • Automating Governance, Risk & Compliance: How can CISO’s take advantage of automation to ensure security investments are consciously competent? ISO/GDPR/SOC2 – can this process be automated?
  • Identity Access Management Design – Become the choreographer of your identity journey by putting human centric design at the forefront of development
  • Data First Approach to Security – In a world of porous networks and interconnected infrastructures, how do we protect our data highways and keep the spies out of our lanes?
  • Human vs Machine – With data overload facing almost all IT teams and alert fatigue setting in, can we trust machines to ‘take over the wheel’ of our cybersecurity journey? Where does the liability lie if an error is made?


About Today’s Guests

Introducing our panel of guests who are experts from organisations delivering game-changing, UX-centred simplicity from:   

  • Managing identity & access through human centric design with Andreas Grimm, Senior Solutions Architect at Distology Studios   
  • Into the organisational “new gold” in data security with Dr. Richard Searle, VP Confidential Computing at Fortanix,   
  • The renewed emphasis in 2023 on governance, risk & compliance as organisations endeavour to make their security investments more consciously competent, with George Bonser, VP EMEA at Drata  
  • We cross the cyberverse chasm from IT to OT as, digitally awakened machinery now forms part of the attack surface organisations need to protect, with Mark Edge, Director UK&I, Nordics and Benelux at Cyolo.   
  • And our Disruptor Day Netherlands 2023 keynote speaker, Eward Drehuis, owner of 3Eyes Security and Chairman of 

Welcome to this episode of Delve. 


Discussion Points

1. The Crucial Role of Humans in Process Modeling
2. Evolution of Connecting Humans to Work: A Brief History
3. The Shifting Focus in Data Security: Is it Over and Done With?
4. The Challenges Around GRC (governance, risk and compliance)
5. Overcoming Alert Fatigue in Cybersecurity: Balancing AI and Regulations
6. The Significance of Secondary AI: Open Source Technology Behind Proprietary Systems
7. Open AI, ChatGPT and Data Security
8. Drata: Harnessing Cloud-Based Technology and Human Intelligence for Continuous Compliance Automation


Sources Mentioned

Fortanix: Fortanix provides integrated data security with encryption, multi-cloud key management, HSM, tokenization, and other capabilities from one platform. Powered on Confidential Computing technology data always remains secure across its lifecycle- at-rest, in-transit, and in-use. 

Drata: Drata is a dynamic and intuitive continuous security and compliance automation platform which drastically simplifies security compliance work, making compliance easier to achieve and maintain over time. 

Cyolo: Cyolo is a Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution that allows users to securely connect to companies’ applications, servers, desktop and files within the network, whether they are hosted on prem or in the cloud. 

GRC: Governance, Risk and Compliance is a structured way to align IT with business goals while managing risks and meeting all industry and government regulations.

About Delve

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