Delve Live at Disruptor Day 2022

Events | Posted: 24-11-2022
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Disruptive Tech: Paradigm Shifters or Attention Drifters?



We gathered the great and the good from the world of tech for our first in-person Disruptor Day on November 10th 2022 and are delighted to be able to share the highlights! In this podcast you’ll find out what our host, and chief technology enthusiast Lance Williams, declared was bonkers, why Colin Williams doesn’t have time for science projects and who on the panel used to be another panellists customer!

This panel followed an enlightening keynote speech from Colin Brown. So if you’re curious about the reference to Clive Sinclair, keep your eyes peeled (or your ears open?) for future releases!

Eyal Benishti, Almog Apirion, Colin Williams and Dr Richard Searle.

From left to right: Eyal Benishti, Almog Apirion, Colin Williams, Richard Searle

About Today’s Guests

Joining host Lance Williams today for a live version of Delve at Distology’s Disruptor Day 2022 are Eyal Benishti (Ironscales), Almog Apirion (Cyolo), Colin Williams (Computacenter) and Richard Searle (Fortanix).

Eyal is the pioneer of AI-driven email security, and founder & CEO of Series-C funded, and most bad-assed logoed email security company – Ironscales. Almog is a former serial CISO and the CEO of the most important innovation of modern cloud networking of this decade – Cyolo. Dr Richard Searle is a next-generation data security activist (yes they do exist), Confidential Computing consortium member, and VP of Confidential Computing at Fortanix. Last but not least, Colin Williams, everyone’s favourite event speaker! He’s also a life and leadership coach and the Chief Technology Officer at Computacenter.

Welcome to this episode of Delve.

Discussion Points

  • Introduction [00:00 – 03:27]
  • [To Colin] You spend most of your time working with Computacenter when you’re not on panels. How do you rationalise a paradigm-shifting technology and how do you separate that from something that’s considered an attention drifter? [03:28 – 07:06]
  • [To Almog] I joked at the beginning that you didn’t intend on setting this company up, in fact, you definitely didn’t intend on setting it up in the middle of the pandemic. Cyolo is one of the most important technologies that has hit the market within the last few years. What happened that led you to creating Cyolo? [07:07 – 12:42]
  • [To Eyal] Email security is a staple of the IT industry, but you came up with something different. How did you go about pioneering a new approach to email security? [12:43 – 21:01]
  • [To Richard] There’s a vast consortium called the Confidential consortium which comprises basically all of our A-list, B-list, and C-list security vendors that have all been working together to address one big problem. Richard, can you talk to us more about Confidential Computing, and what is the problem I’m alluding to? [21:02 – 26:58]
  • [To Colin] Is API security a decent enough topic for you to illustrate the advice that you talk about with customers? Tell us more about API security. [26:59 – 31:04]
  • [To Almog] You’ve got a fast start-up. You’ve snagged some great funding, $60 million in the last round? I’d love you to talk about the difficulties and the joys of running a fast start-up. [31:05 – 36:35]
  • [To Eyal] I’m going to ask you the same question. Ironscales, a different place in your growth to Cyolo. You’ve somehow managed to snag 7,000 customers globally which is staggering. Can you talk to us a bit about the Ironscales journey? [36:36 – 40:19]
  • [To Richard] Fortanix just bagged $90 million in Series-C funding, talk to us a bit about the consortium movement. What’s next for Fortanix? [40:20 – 42:39]
  • [To Colin] What can we do about technology that is up and coming, that might be worth paying attention to, and those that might be worth avoiding? What closing thoughts have you got? [42:40 – 45:55]
  • How marketing and sales can drive the technology in the IT industry vs the actual technologists. [45:57 – 47:33]



Sources Mentioned

  • Cyolo: Cyolo is a Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution that allows users to securely connect to companies’ applications, servers, desktop and files within the network, whether they are hosted on prem or in the cloud.
  • Ironscales: Ironscales combines the power of humans & machines in defending against phishing attacks by integrating both phishing protection and security awareness training into a single offering.
  • Fortanix: Fortanix provides integrated data security with encryption, multi-cloud key management, HSM, tokenization, and other capabilities from one platform. Powered on Confidential Computing technology data always remains secure across its lifecycle- at-rest, in-transit, and in-use.
  • Confidential Computing Consortium: The Confidential Computing Consortium (CCC) brings together hardware vendors, cloud providers, and software developers to accelerate the adoption of Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) technologies and standards.





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