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Blog | Posted: 07-02-2023
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The #1 Attack Vector: API Security with Gene Fay, ThreatX




Hello listeners, welcome back to this month’s episode of Delve the podcast!

Today we’re delving into API security. APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces are a way for different software applications to communicate with each other. They define a set of rules and protocols for how data should be exchanged between the app. In web development, APIs are used to access the functionality and data of a web app from a different programme or website.

And there’s BILLIONS of them out there, used in ever conceivable way. Stop levels, weather feeds, time and calculations. You name it! A web app and API exists for it, so they’ve become intensely interesting for the cyber bad guys to exploit, which is exactly why we have API and web app security technology. Today we are joined by Gene Fay, CEO of API security specialist ThreatX.

[Learn more about API Security here]

“There are many organisations that don’t realise the number of APIs they have. Or maybe the number they have is half or only a third of what they really have.”


About Gene Fay

Gene has a lengthy track record as an executive at technology companies, including COO at White Ops, General Manager at Resilient Systems (acquired by IBM), and VP of Worldwide Sales and Global Alliances of Network Intelligence (acquired by EMC and integrated into RSA). Gene has extensive experience building high-impact teams at early-stage startups in storage, virtualisation, and cybersecurity. He has specific expertise in go-to-market strategies, marketing, customer success, and channel development. Gene holds an MBA from Northeastern University, where he guest lectures on topics such as product management, marketing, and sales.



Discussion Points

  • Becoming the CEO of ThreatX; how did that happen?
  • What the heck is an API?
  • What do people have to go through to find API security as a problem?
  • Everyone uses APIs, why doesn’t everyone know about API security?
  • How has Gene shaped and managed the ThreatX platform?
  • What’s a rouge API?
  • Why are there so many APIs?
  • Marketing in the channel
  • How do businesses separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to API security?
  • ThreatX is more than just API security
  • ThreatX and beyond
  • DDos attacks and Bots
  • Is there anyone like ThreatX on the market?
  • Advice on getting API security recognised at a board level in an organisation
  • Which tech topic has tickled Gene’s taste buds and why?

Sources Mentioned

ThreatX Academy
Darknet Diaries
Executive Security Podcast

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