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Blog | Posted: 17-08-2022
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Cybersecurity in a Multi-Cloud World


Our latest research has found that less than half (47%) of IT leaders have a clear understanding and visibility of their organisation’s multi-cloud operations, including all external connections to their environment.

As the way we work, communicate and shop continues to evolve and shift further online, the cybersecurity protection we put in place needs to protect each of us, while protecting the organisations that are serving us too.

A solid multi-cloud security strategy is vital to all organisations given the average company is using 2.2 public clouds, while 87% are operating across a hybrid or multi-cloud deployment.

Distology's Multi-Cloud Research Highlights

Even though almost two in five (37%) IT leaders say their organisation is currently working across a multi-cloud environment, more than a third (34%) haven’t addressed the security risks associated with operating in this type of environment. This means more than one in three organisations could be at risk of a cybersecurity breach.

We surveyed 250 IT decision makers, including IT managers, IT directors, CIOs, COOs/operations directors to uncover just how much they know about their organisation’s multi-cloud operations and the results were concerning.

When considering how many organisations have diversified over the last two years, and the fact a third (33%) are planning to develop multi-cloud operations in the next 12 months, it’s worrying, but perhaps not surprising, to see that so many still need to put measures in place to protect their data, stakeholders and reputation.

In fact, the research reveals just two in five (44%) IT leaders across the UK are aware of the security risks when operating across this type of environment.

When it comes to protecting their operations, almost half (45%) believe they could be doing more to protect their organisation from cybersecurity threats across a multi-cloud environment, and despite some opting to use data encryption, almost two fifths (39%) aren’t confident in its effectiveness.

Distology's Multi-Cloud Research Highlights 2

What are IT leaders putting in place to support and protect their organisation’s multi-cloud environment?

1. 52% use software-defined networking solutions (SDN/SDWAN) to support multi-cloud operations
2. 48% use multiple encryption solutions and key stores
3. 31% use data encryption across the whole network
4. 29% use data encryption in some environments

Our new multi-cloud cybersecurity portfolio includes; ThreatX, Cyolo and Fortanix – covering web app and API security, zero trust-based network security and data security.

If you want to find out more about our new research, download the full ‘Cybersecurity in a Multi-Cloud World’ report here for further insight.

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