Distology Multi-Cloud Security Report

As the way we work, communicate and shop continues to evolve and shift further online, the cybersecurity protection we put in place needs to protect each of us, while protecting the organisations that are serving us too.

A solid multi-cloud security strategy is vital to all organisations given the average company is using 2.2 public clouds , while 87% are operating across a hybrid or multi-cloud deployment. However, our research has found that less than half (47%) of IT leaders have a clear understanding and visibility of their organisation’s multi-cloud operations, including all external connections to their environment.

This report explores what the current understanding of multi-cloud security is amongst IT leaders across the UK, where their concerns lie and which sectors, if any, are prepared for a world where multi-cloud operations are the norm. Within the report, experts from the sector share what they believe IT leaders can do to protect themselves in the multi-cloud age.

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Cybersecurity in a Multi-Cloud World

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