Disrupt Live at Disruptor Day 2022

Events | Posted: 12-12-2022
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Technology and the future: Will it dehumanise the world?


There’s no escaping from it, technology is well and truly embedded in the modern world. From the phones that organise our lives, to the scanners we use in the supermarkets, technology is continuously innovating and it’s here to stay.

With so much fantastic machinery at our fingertips, how do we ensure we don’t lose the human touch? Have we become desperate for everything at a fast pace? We want deliveries now, dates now and everything yesterday. Is the future potential of this massively harmful to us as humans?

Join our CEO Hayley Roberts to find out why she “doesn’t like technology” and what her fabulous panel of guests at our first live Disruptor Day have to say.


Hayley Mooney, Hayley Roberts, Donavan Hutchinson and Penny Williams on the Disrupt panel at Disruptor Day 2022.

From left to right: Hayley Mooney, Hayley Roberts, Donavan Hutchinson and Penny Williams.

About Today’s Guests

For this very special live Disrupt panel we are joined by some incredible guests! Donavan Hutchinson, Managing Director at SHI, has worked with some of the world’s largest NASDAQ-listed technology reseller organisations. He is passionate about diversity and inclusion for all, which has been instrumental in the growth of several of the organisations he has led. Hayley Mooney, General Manager at Crayon UK, has worked with some of the industry’s leading providers in the Channel and for the last ten years has been immersed in the public cloud. Last but not least, Penny Williams, Vice President at CDW UK, has a keen focus on mentoring high-performing teams, building strong partnerships and has been a CRN judge since 2016. That’s a cracking line-up!

Welcome to this episode of Disrupt!



Discussion Points

  • Intro – [00:00 – 02:49]
  • Q: I’m not a fan of technology. I’m not a fan of the Metaverse, having dates online or connecting as humans in an avatar form. What do you think about that? Have you had any experiences with this? – [02:50 – 03:07]
  • Donavan Hutchinson “I’m a fan of the Metaverse” [03:08 – 05:22]
  • Hayley Mooney “I am mixed about it” [05:31 – 07:11]
  • Penny Williams “Computers, what was the promise to all of us here? It was to create more time and less work.” [07:12 – 09:40]
  • Q: We as business leaders have a duty of care, to protect the next generation regarding this human factor. We want to promote the use of technology, and technology as a career. What is it we can do in our roles to help protect that real element? [09:41 – 10:27]
  • Penny Williams “Just be physical, people are lonely.” [10:28 – 11:29]
  • Donavan Hutchinson “From a mental health perspective, it does help to have that human interaction.” [11:30 – 12:55]
  • Hayley Mooney “We tried initially to recruit in individual countries, and we lost people, we couldn’t retain them.” [12:56 – 14:06]
  • Q: Do you turn off your devices? [14:07 – 14:11]
  • Hayley Mooney “It’s really hard and you have to lead by example.” [14:12 – 14:46]
  • Donavan Hutchinson “I think I got completely addicted with the old Blackberry” [14:47 – 16:00]
  • Penny Williams “I’d love to say I did and lived in happy-clappy Norway.” [16:01 – 16:42]
  • Q: What do you think the future is going to look like for communication and technology? Let’s fast forward 20 years. How are we going to communicate? What is it going to look like? [16:43 – 16:57]
  • Hayley Mooney “You’re not going to be on Teams anymore, you’re going to be in a room virtually somewhere.” [16:58 – 18:26]
  • Donavan Hutchinson “I think killing our world with it to be honest.” [18:27 – 19:35]
  • Penny Williams “It terrifies me because I’m a very people person.” [19:36 – 20:10]
  • Q: If you could leave a legacy, what would it be? [21:05 – 21:10]
  • Hayley Mooney “I wouldn’t leave a tech legacy, put it that way.” [21:11 – 21:48]
  • Donavan “If I could leave a legacy, it’s one of instilling equality.” [21:49 – 22:28]
  • Penny Williams “Lead with a smile and be kind. It’s as simple as that.” [22:29 – 22:54]
  • Q: Best piece of tech ever invented? [22:55 – 23:05]
  • Penny Williams “I think I might get arrested.” [23:06 – 24:14]
  • Hayley Mooney “My phone is like a shoe.” [24:15 – 24:29]
  • Donavan Hutchinson “Air fryer, absolutely amazing!” [24:30 – 25:08]
  • Ending [25:09 – 26:11]




About Disrupt

Disrupt is a podcast where host Hayley Roberts, CEO of cybersecurity distributor, Distology, is joined by guests to challenge the stereotypes in the IT industry and highlight the innovative ways businesses are working and overcoming these issues. And generally just having a good time being disruptive!

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