Delve by Distology – Episode #2 Tom McVey (Menlo Security) – How Can We Protect What We Can’t Predict?

Podcasts | Posted: 14-04-2022
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Delve Episode 2 Tom McVey Menlo Security

Episode #2 Tom McVey (Menlo Security) – How Can We Protect What We Can’t Predict?

Welcome to this month’s episode of Delve! Rapid advancements in technology, and the unprecedented boom in remote working has made modern web security more vital than ever. In this episode, Lance and Tom discuss the biggest threats of the modern IT world.

“We spend 80% of our time in the web browser at work, at home, when we’re using a device, a computer. So, it only makes sense for the attackers to focus their efforts on where we spend most of our time.”

Tom McVey is a Solutions Architect at Menlo Security, cybersecurity technology designed to eliminate online threats for users via its isolation core. Tom landed a career in technology straight out of college, with no formal IT education, but with an interest in tech, he entered an apprenticeship at a value added reseller. Since then, Tom has worked for a variety of organisations, including Varonis, LogRhythm, and now Menlo Security. Tom is very selective of the companies he works for and only joins an organisation if he can be truly passionate about the technology.

Ladies and gentlemen, sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode of Delve.


Discussion Points

  • Let’s kick off with a simple question – to the average listener, what is web security in 2022? [02:10]
  • Let’s have a quick glossary segment so that you can get the buzzwords off your chest and put them into plain, succinct English for our listeners [07:35]
  • Should our average listener be changing anything at home? And what’s your opinion on whether employers should be dipping into the homestead with the offer of home cybersecurity technology to protect their people? [12:20]
  • What part does modern web security play in helping IT leaders feel more on top of secure remote working? And how difficult is it to switch up web security technologies? [16:55]
  • Menlo Security – Do you have some sort of digital penicillin that is keeping you clear of viruses? [23:30]
  • Finally, Tom, what tech topic has tickled your imagination this year and are you going to delve into and why? [28:40]


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