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Isolation-Powered Secure Web Gateway

Invisibly eliminate online threats before they happen for your users and your business with the revolutionary Isolation Core™.

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Protect Against Modern Security Threats

Menlo’s cloud-based security platform invisibly protects your users wherever they’re working, wherever they go online, protecting them from phishing, malicious content and online threats. Your users will forget they are protected by the watertight solution, thanks to the seamless online experience.

At the heart of the platform is Menlo’s cloud-based Isolation Core™, which stops malware attacks dead in its tracks, away from your users and your IT environment. So, you can stop malware no matter where your users are, scale on-demand as your user base changes, and remove the IT burden of managing racks of appliances, zero-day patches, or alert storms.

Regular secure web gateway features, like URL filtering and user behaviour reporting are in the platform alongside Menlo’s watertight approach to protecting you from web-borne malware too.

Protect Users + Your Business

The Menlo Cloud Security Platform powered by an Isolation Core™ is a centralised cloud native security platform that proactively shields workers from malicious content without sacrificing performance. The solution protects user productivity, email, web, apps and data and prevents threats.

Isolation Core™

Menlo Security’s Elastic Isolation Core™ protects against known and unknown threats and isolates them before they get to users. Zero Trust isolation provides 100% protection with no need for special software or plug-ins, so users experience no impact on performance or interruption in workflow.

Elastic Edge

Menlo Security’s Elastic Edge dynamically scales to meet enterprise-level growth —from 1000 users to over 3M. Designed to scale on demand, businesses can benefit from increased agility whilst users will not experience a performance hit thanks to the rich set of API’s and integrations in the cloud-native platform.

Centralised Platform

Menlo Security’s platform covers secure web gateway (SWG), cloud access security broker (CASB), data loss prevention (DLP), Private Access, and remote browser isolation (RBI) email isolation and application security capabilities into a single cloud-native security platform, eliminating multiple appliances and giving IT managers one interface to navigate.

Stop Phishing Ransomware + Malware Dead in its Tracks

Explore the key ingredients that make the Menlo Security platform so secure, seamless, and simplified in this 2-minute explainer video. Backed by a $1 million guarantee, Menlo Security is one of the only solutions that promises to give you your money back should you experience a compromise or breach during your contract.

Growing Technology Partner Network

Explore Isolation

Try Isolation allows you to experience Menlo Security’s award-winning Web Security for yourself in under 10 minutes. Menlo’s exclusive Isolation Core lets you surf the web, download documents, use SaaS apps, exactly like before, but without any of the risk.

The interactive tool shows you how popular websites will look, feel and work via the platform, allow you to download example files and browse the internet to see how links are flagged should there be any threats identified.

Trusted by Customers Globally

US Department of Defense


The U.S. Department of Defense chose Menlo’s Cloud Security Platform powered by an Isolation Core™ to eliminate malware and phishing and protect 3.5 million civilian and military personnel while gaining $3.5M+ in cost savings.

“This isolation technology allows enterprises to separate their network from the public web while providing users seamless access to the internet with a native browser experience.”
– Joe Boyd, VP, By Light


Gösgen Nuclear Power Plant


The Gösgen Nuclear Power Plant in Switzerland needed to allow Internet access for employees without putting the organisation at risk and their homegrown solutions were too complex and time consuming.

“Before, we had to manually examine every single potential malware problem. Now, my job is much easier. We enjoy the security we’ve achieved with the
Menlo Security Cloud Platform.”
– François Gasser, IT Security Officer


Bank of Hawaii


Bank of Hawaii’s detect-&-respond approach to web-based threats became too labour intensive, preventing users from accessing needed internet sites. They turned to Menlo Security to cut off malware’s access to endpoints allowing users to access the Internet safely.

“Menlo allows you to provide the value of the Internet to users in a safe manner, and it’s the only technology, as far as I’m concerned, that does that.”
-Vance Jones, CISO


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People are the new perimeter

With the continued migration of people, data, and applications to the cloud, it has become clear that the traditional ways of implementing policy and security are gone. To fully realise the promise of digital transformation projects, security must be the final piece of the puzzle to make the journey to the cloud, putting it back in proximity to what it is designed to protect – people, data and applications.

Mark Guntrip, Sr Dir, Cybersecurity Strategy, Menlo Security reviews how the key elements of a SASE architecture can reap benefits for organisations large and small and discusses how to get started on that journey.

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