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Blog | Posted: 16-02-2023
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Breaking Barriers: Overcoming Being Underestimated as a Woman

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Welcome back to this episode of Disrupt! Today we are joined by the fabulous Alexandra Morris. From starting her career behind the bars in hospitality, to the CEO of property solutions company Let’s Move UK. Looking at her LinkedIn profile, it appears as if her career has been nothing but linear and seamless, but that’s far from the truth! From being consistently underestimated due to her gender and non-linear career path, to sexual harassment at events. It’s safe to say Alex has been through the ringer and built thick skin overtime.

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Discussion Points

What was Alexandra’s journey into tech?

  • Growing up in hospitality and learning to run a business
  • From hospitality to conveyancing
  • Interest in law
  • Joining Make Your Move and her first tech role


Why Alexandra decided to do a law degree on top of her career.

  • The challenges around being underestimated
  • Not being taken seriously in her working career
  • A law degree would have been her natural path if she didn’t have her career
  • Exploring the “what if”
  • Law is ready for technical innovation


Being taken more seriously and tackling those who are judgemental.

  • Proving that you are capable even if you have children at a young age
  • Falling into an industry and proving that you’re still credible
  • Tech is a career that you can fall into
  • Not knowing what you want to do at a young age
  • College into university doesn’t work for everyone


Technology and the future: will it dehumanise the world?

  • Developing tech and asking what problem it will solve
  • The effect social media has on mental health
  • The problem gender has on data


Gender and equality: struggling with the attitude of the opposite gender.

  • Not being heard in a room full of too many ideas
  • Sexual advances being made by board members
  • Female and male co-founders must be in a relationship
  • Sexual discrimination at a private members club
  • Raising a sexual harassment issue and being ignored because someone is a big customer


Key drivers for the future of Let’s Move UK.

  • Launching different products to help the way people live in houses
  • Promoting women getting tech, data and property
  • Tackling the late school introduction into tech


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