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Podcasts | Posted: 19-07-2022
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Diversity and Inclusion in the Channel



Welcome to this month’s episode of Disrupt! In this episode, Hayley sits down with Managing Director at SHI Corporation, Donavan Hutchinson, to discuss his journey into tech and how business leaders can be doing more to encourage diversity and inclusion in the workplace, without it being a tick-box exercise.

Donavan Hutchinson SHI Corporation

“The only advice I’d give myself is, no matter what life throws at you and the challenges you face, just keep going. Just be you. “

Like many people who work in tech today, Donavan started on a completely different career path. After leaving school, Donavan joined the army at a very young age, but during his recovery time after having an accident he found a job working in sales for a value-added reseller (VAR), Insight, and eventually became the top sales rep there. He is now the managing director of the award-winning IT company SHI Corporation and is passionate about making change within the IT channel – especially when it comes to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Listen to the full episode to learn more about creating diverse groups in the workplace and the steps business leaders can be taking towards encouraging open-mindedness.



Discussion Points

  • How did you get into the industry? From the army to tech [00:05 – 02:44]
  • The transition from army to sales, what did you learn and why did you stay? [02:45 – 05:00]
  • Pinkwashing, rainbow capitalism and copycat syndrome [05:01 – 08:29]
  • What have you changed at SHI to make it more inclusive? [08:30 – 12:50]
  • Have you seen productivity increase due to the groups you’ve created? [12:51 – 17:00]
  • What drives you? What hurdles have you jumped through to get to where you are today? Coming out during IT career.Challenging organisations and others. Becoming authentic self. [17:01 – 25:05]
  • What advice would you give to other organisations/leaders to encourage open-mindedness? [25:06 – 29:00]
  • What can we hire taking D&I into consideration, without tick-boxing? [29:01 – 34:27]
  • What do you see the next 5 years looking like for you and your organisation? Actions vs likes on social media [34:28 – 40:35]
  • How can organisations do better to help with mental health? [40:36 – 46:48]
  • Who inspires you the most? [46:49 – 51:15]
  • Advice you’d give your younger self? [51:16 – 52:51]
  • Favourite pub snack: crisps, nuts or olives? [52:52 – END]


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