9th November: A Day to Remember!

News | Posted: 21-11-2023
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Disruptor Day & CRN Awards 2023

Thursday 9th November was a very big day for Distology. A highly successful event and a major award win all in one day? It’s safe to say we’re still reeling from the excitement.

The day began with our flagship event, Disruptor Day, which took place at Blueprint London. The day was a mix of intriguing conversation and networking. Kicking off a series of panels, the day began with a fireside chat between our CEO Hayley Roberts, and Founder of The Lamplight, Annabel Berry, who discussed how they embraced challenge.

As part of our annual tradition we followed on with a special live Delve panel. This year’s topic was ‘OT: The Rise of the Machines’ and was hosted by Deputy Chief Technologist, Kobi Hunn. Joining him was a lineup of OT experts – Jake Alosco (VP of Global Partnerships, Cyolo), Ian McGowan (CEO at Barrier Networks), Harjit Hothi (Senior Sales Engineer at OPSWAT) and Chris Bihary (CEO, Garland Technology). They delved into the digital awakening of Operational Technology (OT) across the world and the opportunity this presents the IT channel. It’s safe to say that there is growing demand for OT cybersecurity due to remote access issues, legacy systems and ever-changing landscape.

Delve OT: Rise of the Machines in full swing!

Ending the day with a bang was keynote speech from ex-fraudster and teenage credit card millionaire, Elliot Castro. He shared the story of his fraud crime spree, during which he travelled the world whilst spending over £2 million of other people’s money. It has been 20 years since his last escapade, and he has since been reformed by jail time. Leveraging his expertise in fraud, he now advises major companies on risk and how to avoid being scammed.

Keynote session with ex-fraudster Elliot Castro

The event was a resounding success, but don’t just take our word for it – hear what others had to say about their experience:

“Loved Elliott Castro….really makes you realise how easy it is to get carried away with things and in this case, crime!”

“Liked the informality very much. Good setting / location and good house staff made it an enjoyable time. Good selection of panelists and intriguing selection of guest speakers made subject matter more engaging than I expected.”

A big shout out to Cyolo, Garland Technology, Keepnet Labs, OPSWAT, Verkada and Yubico for sponsoring the day!

Already on a high, our team then attended the CRN UK Channel Awards at Evolution London later that evening as Distology were up for Security Distributor of the Year.

The 30th year of the ‘Greatest Awards in the Channel’ was a night to remember! It was a fun mix of dodgems, glam outfits, and the celebration of deserving winners. With a reported record-breaking number of entries, the competition was tougher than ever this year, so we were thrilled to win Security Distributor of The Year. In our feedback we were told that it was an outstanding entry and the facts we presented led to a unanimous decision by the judges.

We would like to congratulate the other finalists, with a special mention to TD SYNNEX who received a Highly Commended for this award.

Distology take home Security Distributor of the Year at the CRN Awards 2023

From engaging discussions on Operational Technology to winning the coveted Security Distributor of the Year award, the day was a testament to Distology’s commitment to innovation and evolution. Heartfelt thanks to our sponsors and congratulations to the entire team.