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Customer Identity for Dummies

Customer Identity For Dummies, Okta Special Edition, consists of eight chapters that explore:
• The basics of Customer Identity
• Why Customer Identity is more important than ever
• Why you shouldn’t try to build Customer Identity yourself
• What a modern Customer Identity solution is and how it can help your organization
• What to look for in a modern Customer Identity solution for your organization
• Thriving thanks to a Customer Identity solution tailored to your business needs
• The future of Customer Identity
• Ten important things to consider in a Customer Identity solution to help your organization thrive

Identity as a Service For Dummies

This book consists of five chapters that explore:
• The importance of identity, what it is, and how it has evolved
• What modern identity (Identity as a Service) is and how it helps organizations address identity challenges and different use cases
• The components of a modern identity solution
• New trends and innovations to address the future of identity
• Capabilities and benefits of modern identity

A photo of the Workforce Identity guide.

A Comprehensive Guide for Your Workforce Identity Maturity Journey

An extensive roadmap for raising productivity, increasing efficiency, and strengthening security through Identity

Why Customer Identity?

Learn how a renewed focus on Customer Identity can unlock innovation and inspire new capabilities