Meet LastPass, Distology’s Latest Partnership

News | Posted: 05-04-2024
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Distology are excited to announce the latest addition of LastPass to their Identity portfolio.  

LastPass are leaders in password management and secrets vault across consumer and enterprise markets. Their platform enables their customers to securely create, store and manage secrets including passwords, bank details, payment cards, addresses, and secure notes. The passwords management is particularly useful for those passwords, which can’t be protected with a modern-day identity management solution (IAM), which uses single sign-on (SSO). LastPass also offers a multi-factor authentication (MFA) tool to use for organisations who either don’t already use MFA, don’t use an IAM platform which incorporates one, or who wish to consolidate into LastPass.  

Additionally, people using LastPass can also scale adoption with automation and proactively monitor company-wide password health with dark web monitoring and password hygiene scores. LastPass’s infrastructure and security programme are state-of-the-art too, having been designed, deployed, and now continuously developed over the past 1+ year and on-going, so customers can be assured of the highest cybersecurity methods being used to protect their secrets information.  

For business customers, every person receives a handful of home-use licences to for their family and friends – LastPass offer this as most business customers face the greatest risk of compromise through their personal and professional network. This benevolent edge also means that good password hygiene is promoted across all platforms.  

As for the future, LastPass’s is passwordless, as they seek to move the market on masse to a better position with the way in which passwords are managed and maintained before enabling the market to a passwordless future.  


“I am absolutely delighted to welcome LastPass into the Distology portfolio. Under the leadership of Karim (CEO), LastPass is a leading-edge cybersecurity organisation whose infrastructure and attitude to helping the global cybersecurity community is highly commendable. As an identity specialist, Distology recognises a gap in our work with customers – those passwords that live outside the IAM and those organisations who can’t yet embrace a full IAM platform. LastPass addresses both and more and the people who work at LastPass make it a real joy to partner with them”  

– Lance Williams, CTO, Distology.  


“I am thrilled to kick off our partnership with Distology, a pivotal moment for LastPass that emphasises our commitment to grow and innovate through our Allegiance Partner Program. Distology being a market leading passionate and highly knowledgeable IT security distributor, coupled with a team of remarkably talented individuals, sets them apart. Their commitment to excellence aligns seamlessly with our vision at LastPass. As cybersecurity becomes a more prevalent concern, we have strengthened our focus to help people and organisations in their passwordless journey to improve their IAM security posture. The Partnership between Distology and LastPass reinforces our position in the industry as a security leader, providing individuals unparalleled visibility and control over their passwords and credentials, and helps drive cybersecurity awareness across the market.”

– Nick Pegram, VP Sales EMEA, LastPass.


For more information on how LastPass can help your customers, book a demo with one of our specialists. 

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