Join the Club Podcast – Episode 8 – Hayley Roberts

Podcasts | Posted: 26-11-2020
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Join the Club: Hayley Roberts

In this podcast series, Hayley Roberts is joined by some of the most highly respected business leaders to discuss their thoughts on the current situation of women in STEM and what we can do to help more people to ‘Join the Club’.

In our final episode, it was about time we flipped the tables and interviewed the interviewer! So, in episode 8, Claire Stott, our Marketing Manager is interviewing Hayley Roberts, CEO of Distology to gain her insight into the tech industry, experience and how she balances home and work life – most importantly find out what her ideal Come Dine With Me course would be!

As we have released the individual interviews with the team across the past 6 weeks of the campaign, the question we kept to ourselves was: ‘If you could ask Hayley one question, what would it be?’ and now it’s time to let you in on the thought provoking answers that Hayley provided.

‘Success is subjective – if you’re making a difference and that’s what you want then that is successful’ – Tune in to discover more about Hayley.

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