Join the Club Podcast – Episode 4 – Stephen Rowlands

Podcasts | Posted: 10-11-2020
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Join the Club: Stephen Rowlands

In this podcast series, Hayley is joined by some of the most highly respected business leaders to discuss their thoughts on the current situation of women in STEM and what we can do to help more people to ‘Join the Club’.

In episode 4, Hayley is joined by Stephen Rowlands, Sales Director at Distology!

Steve heads up the Sales team at Distology which is one of the company’s fastest growing department in terms of headcount. This rapid growth requires an eye for identifying talent and skillset that will further enhance the team’s structure and existing strengths.
Steve has a wealth of experience to draw upon following his time as Sales Manager for the business development team at Virgin Media and uses this to carefully craft a close-knit sales team that strive for success without bias towards gender.

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