Identity Campaign Round-up

Blog | Posted: 19-06-2024
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This quarter we have focused on Identity, with a specific focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) VS. Human Intelligence (HI). Take a look over all the educational content that has contributed to the campaign:

Distology’s Identity Sidekick Service (One Pager)


Successful Cybersecurity Solutions Engineering Means Focusing on the People, Processes, and Tech (Blog)


Why Are People the Biggest Risk to an Organisation? (Blog)


The Importance of Implementing IGA (Identity Governance and Administration) (Video)


What is Identity? (Carousel)


Not all AI is created equally – and neither are humans (Article)


An Interview With Keepnet Labs (Blog)


Distology are your Identity Sidekick (Video)


3 Reasons Why Users Are a Potential Cybersecurity Risk (Carousel)


Want to find out more about Identity? Make use of our Identity Sidekick service.