How To Be a Good Ally in the Workplace

Blog | Posted: 24-06-2024
Row curve

Happy Pride 2024! This year’s Manchester Pride Parade theme is ‘Buzzin’ to be Queer – A Hive of Progress’. Drawing inspiration from Manchester’s iconic worker bee which acts as a powerful symbol of unity and the bustling energy that defines the city of Manchester. The bee is a call to action, reminding us that LGBTQ+ communities and allies can achieve great things when united.  

An “ally” can be defined as someone who is not a member of a marginalised group but takes action to support that group. Being a good ally in the workplace is important not just during Pride month, but all year round. As an ally, your actions can help create a more inclusive and supportive environment. Here are some steps you can take to be a good ally in the workplace:  

1. Educate yourself  

Take time to learn about LGBTQ+ history, terminology, and issues. Resources such as books, documentaries, blogs and LGBTQ+ influencers can provide valuable insights. This knowledge will help you navigate conversations on gender and sexual identity in the workplace. 

2. Use inclusive language  

Using inclusive language in your everyday interactions will help create an inclusive environment at work. This includes using correct pronouns and avoiding assumptions about someone’s gender or sexual orientation. If you’re unsure about someone’s pronouns, you can politely ask or you can listen to how they describe their identity and use their pronouns in conversation. Then mirror the language they use to describe themselves.  

3. Speak up  

Speaking up is the most powerful thing you can do, especially if you have relative privilege or power in a situation. If you witness discriminatory behavior or hear offensive comments, speak up and report it. When you address these issues, you show that you do not tolerate discrimination and you are contributing to a respectful and inclusive workplace.  

4. Support LGBTQ+ Initiatives 

Actively support LGBTQ+ initiatives within your workplace. This could involve participating in Pride events, joining LGBTQ+ employee resource groups, or advocating for inclusive policies. Your involvement shows your commitment to the cause and can inspire others to also take part. 

5. Join your companies Pride Network 

If your company has a Pride Network, join it! These networks work to promote inclusivity and provide support to LGBTQ+ employees. By joining, you can contribute to these efforts, offer your support, and stay informed about issues and events relevant to the LGBTQ+ community within your workplace. At Distology, our Pride Network meets on a monthly basis and we are proud to work with other businesses such as Softcat towards the same inclusive goals. If you don’t have one already, we would recommend setting one up. If you don’t know how, contact us and we can help!  

Being a good ally in the workplace is about providing support and taking action. By doing this you can help create a workplace where everyone feels valued and respected.