Customer Identity in 2021: How to deliver richly branded and secure online transactions

Events | Posted: 05-11-2020
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Okta + Atlas Webinar
Experts have predicted that by 2040, 95% of all purchases will be made online. In these challenging times, purchasing trends are starting to change, with the customer experience becoming more important than ever. How do you exceed your customer’s expectations in safety and experience whilst managing live website users going into 2021?
Safe and secure online shopping environments are now expected. What retailers and merchants are now struggling with, is how to minimise customer frustrations and complications with a seamless and smooth purchasing experience. This challenge spans transactions for both physical and virtual goods; across industries such as sports, travel and leisure, and music.
Join our webinar to hear from:
James Richmond, Senior Solutions Engineer for Okta
Ollie Spence, Channel Account Manager for Distology
They will be showcasing how the England Cricket Board have already benefitted from an exceptionally secure and streamlined Customer Identity Access Management experience across several key online brands.
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