Since the start of 2020, we’ve seen more organisations shift online in a bid to become more accessible round the clock. Now, with over 55% of IT decision makers saying they support the physical business space with the likes of sensors and cameras, how often do businesses take the leap to digital spaces before putting the right security measures in place?

We’ve also seen remote working embraced widely, but how many organisations have trained their employees to spot a cyber threat? As over half of IT decision makers across the UK believe their organisation could be vulnerable to a cyberattack, due to threat actors using ever smarter techniques, what other risks are there to businesses and what do IT leaders believe their biggest threats will be in 2022 and beyond?

This report explores what cybersecurity measures businesses are prioritising and where their IT leaders believe they’re most vulnerable. We share insights into where organisations plan to spend their cybersecurity budget in 2022 and beyond, whilst shining a light on the sectors where there is more work to be done to protect their organisation.

The Future of Cybersecurity: 2022 & Beyond

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