The World Leader in Cyber Deception Technology

TrapX has created a new generation of deception technology that provides real-time breach detection and prevention. Our field proven solution deceives would-be attackers with turn-key decoys (traps) that “imitate” your true assets. Hundreds or thousands of traps can be deployed with little effort, creating a virtual mine field for cyberattacks, alerting you to any malicious activity with actionable intelligence immediately.

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What makes us unique.

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Identify and divert threats that bypass other security systems. Enterprise-wide insider threat detection leveraging deception.

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Disable and neutralize advanced attacks at the start of an attack. Isolate threats to traps, protecting core assets from compromise.

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True actionable intelligence from attack tools, tactics and processes. Automate Incident Response workflows based on real-world breach attempts.

Benefits of using Deception Technology

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Protect your real assets

Deception presents attractive targets occupying attackers with “fake” systems.

Reduce alert burden

Near zero false positives ensuring alerts are actionable and based on real attack activity.

Contain the breach

Real-world attack activity with automated Incident Response workflow provide immediate response capabilities.
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Deception Tokens

Deception Tokens (lures) appear as ordinary files, scripts and configurations, are embedded within real IT assets to bait and divert attackers away from real high value assets and into the traps.

Active Traps

Active Traps create a stream of false network traffic between deployed Traps to confuse and divert attackers that monitor the network traffic.

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Emulated Traps

Medium Interaction Emulated Traps

Our patented emulated traps can be deployed at the largest enterprise scale through automation. You can select from a wide variety of servers, databases, workstations, switches, routers and Traps tailor-made to your organization’s native environment. After a Trap is interacted with and the cyber-attack is thwarted, the Trap will change its shape and location, so the attacker will never learn if something is a Trap or a real asset.

Hundreds of New Industry Templates

The DeceptionNet Community now offers hundreds of new industry templates (updated regularly) that are available for your use. In addition, our patented medium interaction traps also include expanded templates for specialized devices based on specific industries. These templates include, ATM and SWIFT assets for financial services, Point of Sale (PoS) devices for retail, as well as devices for medical, manufacturing and many more. This allows you to determine if attackers are targeting your specialized devices that are often vulnerable to attack.

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FullOS Traps

High Interaction (Full Operating System) Traps

DeceptionGrid enables the provision of full operating system (FullOS) Traps. Our medium interaction Traps automatically extend engaged attackers through our smart deception to our FullOS Traps for the deepest attacker diversion and engagement. FullOS Traps also enable you to clone existing assets – you can completely replicate actual production servers to further deceive attackers.