Integrated Cloud Email Security

A complete cloud-based solution for enterprise email security.

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Ironscales Solution Overview

Powerfully Simple

Phishing is the biggest security challenge faced by organisations of all sizes around the world. IRONSCALES’ anti-phishing service protects organisations against today’s most dangerous phishing threats.

The solution combines the power of humans & machines in defending against phishing attacks by integrating both phishing protection and security awareness training into a single offering. Powerful AI/ML-driven detection and response, crowdsourced threat intel from across the entire customer base, and dynamic email alert banners all come together in a single powerful solution. IRONSCALES is a cloud-based solution that integrates quickly with Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, and Microsoft Teams.

IRONSCALES Capabilities

Quick to Deploy & Easy To Use

  • Ready to integrate into email environments in as few as two clicks via API
  • Reduces the time spent by security teams dealing with phishing emails through automation and AI-driven decision making
  • A single and easy to use platform
  • Make smarter and faster decisions regarding suspicious emails

Advanced Threat Protection

  • Threat intelligence provided by the IRONSCALES Community made up of over 7,000 customer security teams
  • AI-powered risk assessment score to support employee decision making
  • Continuous inbox monitoring for proactive ransomware prevention
  • Protection against advanced threats such as BEC, AOT and VIP Impersonation

Empowering Organisations

  • Send phishing simulation tests to an entire company or select groups, using real-world examples of recent phishing attacks
  • Provide security awareness training to uplevel employee security knowledge and to meet specific compliance requirements
  • Review reports to understand who the most targeted employees/groups are, who is best at spotting and reporting simulated phish and who may need additional assistance
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Secure Organisations Against Phishing Attacks

With billions of phishing attacks being sent out daily, and legacy solutions unable to keep up with advanced modern threats – they are one of the greatest risks organisations will face. Without adequate email protection, security teams work tirelessly to reduce their vulnerability to phishing attacks.

Check out what Distology’s CPO, Lance Williams, has to say about working with Ironscales!

Ransomware Attacks: Strategies for
Prevention and Recovery

When it comes to ransomware, many organisations deploy a defense-in-depth approach, but are using fragmented approaches with technologies that are ineffective at addressing BEC attacks​. This white paper looks at eight areas where many organisations remain susceptible to ransomware attacks.

Free Health Check (90-Day Scan Back) For Your Customers!

IRONSCALES can be integrated in just two clicks! Enable your consumers to discover how this self-learning platform can uncover and identify threats lurking in their inbox – even those using a secure email gateway (SEG). This scan only takes 5 minutes, and a security specialist will be at hand to walk them through the results. Use this wealth of data to get your customers started with IRONSCALES.

Trusted Globally

NHS Ironscales


James Jassie, Digital Security & Compliance Analyst, United Lincolnshire Hospitals

“IRONSCALES has been really effective, we’ve had several occassions where there have been significant phishing campaigns that Office 365 native protection hasn’t picked up, and yet IRONSCALES has. Partnering with IRONSCALES was the clear choice.”

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Ayshire College

Ayshire College

Brad Johnstone, Head of ICT Services, Ayshire College

“We reviewed our email system and agreed phishing was our number one security risk right now … We felt that IRONSCALES is the best one on the market, as it offers both phishing protection and phishing simulation tools.”

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Paramount School District Ironscales

Paramount School District

Jim Wolff, Director of Technology, Paramount School District

“From our experience, you want an integrated email solution, not a gateway product. It should be a platform that includes training features and customized messaging for banners. The return on investment from this will become clear fairly quickly.”


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