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Your Data – Own It! Control It! Protect It!

Galaxkey provides a unique platform to ensure that all of your data can be secured at the point of action to the point where the intended recipient accesses the data. Complete end-to-end security.


We Secure Emails with Encryption

Email Encryption

Simple-to-use email encryption to protect and control entire emails (including messages, attachments and files) with robust security features.

We Secure Documents

File Encryption

Protect files when sharing, at rest and in storage, irrespective of type and size. This means you can safeguard your confidential data in a compliant way.

We provide Secure Collaboration

Secure Workspace

Share and collaborate securely with teams of internal and external users. Your data is always protected and under your control.

We enable Digital Document Signing

Document Signing

Go paperless with digital document signing – a cost-effective and time-saving solution that will improve efficiency.

Complete Data Protection

After years of research and development, Galaxkey blends a perfect balance between the highest level of security and usability. The platform provides data protection in store as well as in transit, and features have been built keeping complete data protection in mind. Once secured using Galaxkey, your data becomes accessible only after correct authentication.

Comprehensive email encryption with unique data protection features

Our email platform provides a seamless, secure communication solution in a simple-to-use format, fully compatible with Outlook, iOS, Android, and Windows.

With efficient operation delivered via one-click encryption, you can be sure your emails and files are always secure, whether they are at rest or in transit. This provides you with a working environment that’s safe and compliant, anywhere and anytime.


Protect documents at every stage of their journey

From emails to FTP servers, files are shared in all sorts of ways, but these methods are not always secure. To ensure company documents remain safe and protected for confidentiality and compliance reasons, they must always be secured, whether they are in transit, at rest or in storage.

Galaxkey provides a comprehensive solution for storing, signing, and sharing files securely.

  • Galaxkey Vault
  • Galaxkey Corporate Vault
  • Digital Document Signing

Secure Workspace

To work effectively, most companies across different sectors need to collaborate and share data, but the available options are not always secure. Sharing confidential information via email or pluggable devices is not always ideal as these methods can make data difficult to control access to and protect.

While cloud storage and share companies such as Dropbox and Sharefile provide a useful solution for storing data, many organisations find it difficult to manage encryption keys for their files, as neither the uploaded files nor the security options are in their control.

Companies are also facing new challenges from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which must be accounted for when collaborating ensuring information is always secure.

Integrated Platform

Galaxkey - Integrated Platform

An integrated platform with secure collaboration and digital identity verification, all managed through one central administration console.

We don’t store passwords

Galaxkey - We don't store Passwords

Galaxkey is designed so that passwords are not stored in any format. So you have complete control of your keys and your data.

Encryption Key Management

Galaxkey - Encryption

Galaxkey is the only platform that allows you to have complete control of the encryption keys. There are no backdoors.


Galaxkey - Usability

Galaxkey provides a simple user experience. It allows end-users to secure emails and documents without the process of needing to exchange multiple keys and passwords.

Three Layered Encryption

Galaxkey’s encryption model is based on the FIPS 140-2 three-layered onion model, making it practically impossible to access encrypted data without proper access rights & authentication.


Galaxkey - Compliance

Stay compliant with Galaxkey’s full set of features. Data is controlled, referenced, timed, and fully auditable, therefore ticking boxes for GDPR and other international data requirements.

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