Holistic Protection for AWS,
Azure & Google Cloud

Identity-first cloud infrastructure security that automates asset discovery, risk analysis,
threat detection, compliance & remediation.

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The Unified Cloud Security

The Ermetic cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) automates complex cloud infrastructure security operations. It brings together full asset discovery, deep risk analysis, runtime threat detection and compliance reporting, and delivers granular visualisation and step-by-step guidance to remediate risks. Using an identity-first approach, Ermetic dramatically reduces your cloud attack surface, enforces least privilege at scale and enables security risk remediation.

Best-of-Breed CIEM with Ermetic

Ermetic is the most comprehensive and accurate solution for managing human and service identities in cloud infrastructure environments and achieving “least privilege” at scale. The platform offers deep, actionable visualisation of all identities and entitlements, full risk context and advanced analytics that reveal hidden dangers. It empowers teams through prioritisation and auto-remediation of risky privileges and excessive permissions and helps get organisation’s access entitlements under control.

Tap Into Your Inner Security Expert

Find prioritised security gaps
& remediate, immediately

Secure the complete lifecycle, from development to deployment

Leverage powerful visualizations & step-by-step remediations

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Cloud Security –
A Shared Responsibility

Most cloud infrastructure providers work on a shared responsibility model. But this can come with some challenges, including lack of clarity, lack of cloud expertise and lack of native tools to monitor it.

Recent research highlighted that every AWS environment had 1 or more entity with a permission combo that would have allowed them to perform ransomware on approximately 90% of the S3 buckets. Ermetic’s unified cloud platform provides organisations with the tools to remediate and mitigate these challenges.

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