Complete visibility across your security landscape

Integrated with more than 40 leading security tools, Encore provides insight, actions and reports like no other.

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Complete Security Visibility

Condensing all of your security tools into one easy to use dashboard, Encore measures your security posture, identifies gaps in your defences and makes recommendations for security improvements for your business meaning the ROI for any security solution investment is maximised to its fullest potential.

As a cyber asset attacked surface management tool (CAASM), Encore can give you visibility into internal and outward facing gaps in your security to spot weaknesses in your defences, map the lateral movement flow of potential hackers and identify accounts that have been involved in an external data breach that may impact your network.

In addition, reports are easy to download condensing the insights into an informative document for monthly, quarterly or annual security reviews.

Security Visibility - Made Simple

With over 40 integrations, Encore gives you the ability to view your business like a hacker and find the gaps in your defences.


Regulatory & Audit Compliance

Encore have applied their deep knowledge and experience in security operations to provide easily consumable reports, metrics, and a myriad of features providing additional context to the security manager, to operations, and to the extended business, right up to board-level.


Automate Security Reporting

Encore constantly monitors your security tooling, measuring platform activity, network traffic, service resource utilisation, and availability. Encore allows configurable and action-based alert management – never be caught out by your security platforms being offline.


Solution Visibility & Security

Encore visualises information that can be confusing and often overwhelming, providing accurate and action-based reporting and visibility across numerous security controls, through one secure portal.


Minimise Your Attack Surface

Encore uniquely links employees, to devices, to operational security controls enabling you to immediately go from exposure, to risk, understanding what mitigating controls are in place (or need to be).

Growing List of Integrations

With over 40 existing integrations, Encore has been designed to make security analysis as simple as possible. With an average implementation time of under 1 hour and new integrations constantly in development and review, security visibility has never been easier.

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Using open-source threat intelligence, Encore is able to uniquely link your external attack surface to your internal IT users and assets.

Gathering and using information about potentially leaked credentials of a user that belongs to the business domain, based on open source data from Have I Been Pwned and data dumps on known breach sharing sites, URLs where domain email addresses are listed and results from cross-referencing gathered email addresses to determine if a user has been involved in a prior data breach means you can combat and mitigate against future attacks.

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