Complete User-Focused Email Encryption

Delivering a modern and customisable approach for securing sensitive communications.

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Flexibility in Delivery and Access

Echoworx is the only email encryption solution which offers customers 8 different ways to deliver secure email, support for 27 languages and 9 authentication options. It empowers users to send secure email and share confidential information from anywhere, on any device, with unmatched ease and convenience layering onto whichever email security solution is in use.

Echoworx email encryption is offered as a completely turn-key, cloud-based managed service that simply plugs into your existing email infrastructure, without any additional software, hardware, or extensive training.

What Separates Echoworx From the Rest?

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Supports Your Email-Based Workflows

  • Bulk secure sending: send millions of secure statements without interrupting business mail flow.
  • Faster message access: use modern auth, biometrics, or SMS to quickly authenticate and grant access to secure messages and statements.
  • Ease of adoption: self-managed and policy driven secure email. Integrates with a range of 3rd party email gateways, including Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace.
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Customisable to Meet Your Specific Needs

  • Dynamic branding: automated, per message, applying localised languages, time stamps, vanity domains and more.
  • Numerous delivery methods: featuring push, pull and direct encryption options for more ways to communicate.
  • Authentication controls: set by policy, sender or recipient including passwordless and SMS for fast access.
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Committed to Privacy
and Security

  • Secure shared mailboxes: make the process of sending secure documents simple and faster for customers.
  • Automate security: quickly transition to paperless using automated, self-serve attachment encryption.
  • Ease of adoption: self-managed and policy driven secure email. Offered as a completely turn-key, cloud-based managed service, the Echoworx Email Encryption platform simply plugs into your existing email infrastructure.
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Why Choose Echoworx?

With the explosive growth of encryption demands, enterprise organisations need a solution that can keep up with their customer use cases, system, and infrastructure requirements. Is your email encryption solution meeting your customers’ needs?

Watch this short video to see Echoworx in action!

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