Zero Trust Access

Cyolo combines identity-based access and connectivity into a single tool, giving
organisations visibility and control over the users who leave them most exposed to risk.

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The Secure Access Company for the Enterprise

Cyolo solves the challenge of securely connecting people, including remote workers and third-party contractors, to operational technology (OT) environments. With its unique identity enforcement capabilities, seamless connection, and elimination of attack vectors, Cyolo ensures safety without the need to alter existing setups. The OT environment remains “air-gapped,” critical infrastructure is protected, and business operations continue uninterrupted.

What Is Zero Trust?

The increasing interconnectedness of IT and OT systems, coupled with the rise of remote work and a growing dependence on third-party vendors and contractors, has left businesses struggling to securely connect people to their work resources.

Zero trust is an innovative security framework that enables organisations to authorise every user and device according to identity-based parameters and then grant pinpoint application-level access that minimizes the organisational attack surface.

A True Zero Trust Solution

Cyolo offers the only zero trust access solution that fully adheres to the principle, “never trust, always verify.” Cyolo has no access to user data, encryption keys or credentials and never stores these assets in its cloud – giving customers peace of mind that their sensitive assets will not be exposed or weaponised.

With Cyolo, organisations can enforce zero trust access to any environment — cloud-connected, cloud-averse, or offline. Integration with your existing IdP allows for seamless MFA and SSO (even for legacy systems) that combines your identity and access management strategy with your network’s security.

Top Cyolo Use Cases

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Secure Remote Access to OT

Provide secure remote access to your OT environment, including legacy and offline systems. Capabilities including MFA, SSO, session recording, and supervised access exert control over third-party vendor access and enhance compliance readiness.

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Third Party & Contractor Access

Ensure secure collaboration with identity-based zero-trust access for third-party partners and contractors—no downloads needed. Pinpoint access to only the necessary applications keeps your network safe and reduces your attack surface. For added security, sessions can be recorded or even monitored in real-time.

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MFA & SSO for All Applications

Extend multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on (SSO) to all your resources, including legacy, on-premises, and offline systems that do not natively support modern authentication protocols. Easy integration with cloud-native SSO solutions like Okta simplifies access management and keeps the user experience consistent.

Cyolo Tata Case StudyPlay Video

How Tata Chemicals is Improving Network Security with Cyolo


Tata Chemicals is a trona ore mining and processing company based in southwest Wyoming. Tata operates both OT and IT networks and must ensure secure access to both for employees as well as external users.

This short video examines why the Tata team chose the Cyolo zero-trust access solution and highlights the features IT Manager McKay Smith describes as “a gamechanger.”

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