Data Security for Sensitive Data, No Matter What

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High-Performance Data-Centric Security


Their approach focuses on protecting sensitive data at the earliest point, anywhere, all the time.

Data Protection

Protect your most valuable asset – your data

Threat actors can always find ways into protected zones to get to valuable data.

Because of this reality, an emphasis on perimeter security actually provides a false sense of security. Rather than focusing solely on the perimeter around enterprise data repositories, data-centric security applies protection to the data itself.

Data-centric security travels with the data, no matter where it travels or is stored, so even if it falls into the wrong hands the data is still protected.

Secure High-Performance Tokenisation

comforte provides high-performance data-centric security such as tokenisation and format-preserving encryption.

Tokenisation in particular exchanges clear data for tokens, which render the information meaningless to anybody who tries to access it in its protected state. The real value of tokenisation is that it preserves the format of the data it replaces, making the data workable within most enterprise workflows (such as with data analytics) without de-protecting it.

This means that existing applications don’t have to be changed when implementing tokenisation.

comforte’s data-centric platform provides end-to-end data protection from data discovery and classification to implementation and code-based automation.

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