Data Security for Sensitive Data, No Matter What

Their approach focuses on protecting sensitive data at the earliest point, anywhere, all the time.

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High-Performance Data Security Platform: Their approach focuses on protecting sensitive data at the earliest point, anywhere, all the time.

comforte’s Data Security Platform provides end-to-end data protection from data discovery and classification to implementation and code-based automation.


Data Protection

Protect your most valuable asset – your data

Threat actors can always find ways into protected zones to get to valuable data.

Because of this reality, an emphasis on perimeter security actually provides a false sense of security. Rather than focusing solely on the perimeter around enterprise data repositories, Data Security Platform applies protection to the data itself.

Data-centric security travels with the data, no matter where it travels or is stored, so even if it falls into the wrong hands the data is still protected.

comforte Data Security Platform: Solution Brief


When used together, the full SecurDPS platform can enable organisations to understand all of their sensitive data assets.

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SecurDPS Connect: Solution Brief


SecurDPS Connect secures all your sensitive data and information intended for cloud destinations and offers various data protection options.

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Enterprise Tokenization with SecurDPS


comforte provides a high-performance Data Security Platform such as tokenisation and format-preserving encryption.

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Leveraging customer data is a key strategic goal, but exposing sensitive customer data to risk is counterproductive. Today cybersecurity teams are committed to reducing privacy and security risks & protecting data 24/7/365.

Join Felix Rosbach, Product Marketing Lead for comforte and Danielle Morris, Channel Account Manager for Distology In this webinar where you will discover how to help your customers to get a picture in near-real time of how to process and store all of your data, whilst applying the right data protection for all applications and environments.


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