Data Security for Sensitive Data, No Matter What

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Comforte AG is a leading provider of data-centric security software technology.

Their approach focuses on protecting sensitive data at the earliest point, anywhere, all the time. Comforte are renowned for their format-preserving encryption and more specifically, tokenisation. Tokenisation is the process of substituting sensitive data with a non-sensitive equivalent that has no meaning and therefore unreadable, this is referred to as a token that maps back to the sensitive data.


Enterprise Data Protection

Protect your most valuable asset – your data

At Comforte, they are passionate about securing data, minimising risk and meeting compliance and regulation requirements.

With Comforte’s help, organisations are protecting hundreds of millions of payment transactions, healthcare records, insurance records, and other sensitive data in business-critical environments.

Comforte enables companies to simplify data-centric security with data protection that just snaps right in.

Secure High-Performance Tokenisation

Tokenisation is the protection of data elements in a reversible and format preserving way. Tokenisation techniques allow not only underlying data format preservation, but also “prescription” of the appearance of the protected element. This includes, for example, preserving the length of the underlying data or padding it to a desired length. Other options include staying within the same alphabet or transforming the data to a different one, etc.

In particular, the capability of tokenisation to preserve the length of the underlying sensitive value provides a huge benefit, as existing applications and message structures don’t have to be changed when migrating to using tokenisation. This is often a large cost-saver for the implementer.

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