user behaviour analytics

Whether employees are purposely exfiltrating data, or unintentionally breaching data security policies, ZoneFox locks down the Insider Threat. How? By giving you the tools to rapidly and efficiently detect and respond to unusual behaviours.

Hunt Threats. Protect Your Data. Remain Compliant.

ZoneFox allows you to analyse, detect and respond to insider threats, helping your business to protect its critical data. ZoneFox provides 360 visibility on your data – the who, what, where and when – by monitoring user behaviour and data movement both on and off the corporate network, instantly alerting to anomalous activity. Security posture is strengthened, sensitive information is protected, and regulatory compliance is supported. No more blind spots.

Defend against the insider threat

ZoneFox automatically detects when a user’s behaviour changes, identifies
noncompliant behaviour and rapidly alerts any compromised user accounts being used to harvest valuable IP and confidential data – all without compromising on user productivity and system flexibility.

360 visibility on data flow

ZoneFox’s unique machine learning and UEBA capabilities provide complete clarity around where your business-critical data is going, who’s accessing it, and who’s doing things with it that they shouldn’t be – whether on or off the corporate network.

compliance reporting

Organisations finally have a simple, reliable regulatory compliance solution that supports delivery around the key regulations. Evaluate the effectiveness of your current compliance posture, meet the 72-hour GDPR breach notification rule, and simplify reporting with agile case-building capabilities.

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customer stories

We’ve revolutionised the way global brands protect sensitive data and streamline their security. Join them!


“Realising that we could get visibility around data flow across the network – where files were going, what files were being accessed by who, what files were coming in, what was going out – not only in real-time but historically too … well we were pretty much sold on ZoneFox straight away.”

Trevor Doull | IT Manager

cirrus logic

“The Zonefox product has enriched the security toolset we use to satisfy ourselves, our customers and our board that we take the protection of our IP seriously… I don’t believe there was another solution in the marketplace that could have addressed our requirements so clearly.”

Andew Ralston | Director of IT and Security


Making the shift from a control-centric security posture to a more people-centric model means a very different way of approaching the Insider Threat. Get your Insider Threat Tool Kit now!

why ZoneFox?

Imagine you could have complete visibility of how your data is being accessed by every user on every endpoint – 24/7. That’s ZoneFox. No more log files, no more isolated network monitoring – just total data visibility backed up by a complete forensic audit trail. Finally, you can monitor risky behaviours exposing your data to risk, rapidly mitigate threats and make smarter decisions about how to secure the data that keeps your business running.