StayPrivate provides a simple and convenient solution so businesses can get started immediately whilst delivering a professional and seamless experience to their clients. 

Secure Communication outside the corporate network.

StayPrivate ensures safe and secure 2-way communication
between businesses and external contacts. Our plug-and-play solution is compatible with all email accounts, making it incredibly easy to encrypt emails and share files securely.

With click-and-PIN access, TLS connections, AES-256 encryption and multi-factor authentication, StayPrivate enables companies of any size to send and receive personal data in a convenient, secure and GDPR-compliant manner.

Email Encryption

Send encrypted emails and attachments direct from any email account. Smartlinks plus PIN security give contacts convenient, secure access.

Secure File Sharing

Each client and each private conversation has its own private vault. Create folders and organise information for future reference.

Electronic Signatures

Confirm agreements quickly and easily using embedded e-sign functionality.

Audit History

Automatic audit trail for each private channel enables you to keep track of communications and evidence best practice.

IM Encryption

Send and receive secure instant messages and files.

Branding Web and Mobile Apps

Automatic audit trail for each private channel enables you to keep track of communications and evidence best practice.

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No integration is required – Get started in minutes.
Reduce exposure to fraud and phishing attacks.
Share and revoke at anytime, create groups and individual channels.
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Distology combine value added support from highly qualified technical specialists and well informed channel managers with a wealth of marketing support and resources on our partner portal to help you support your customers and compete for new business. We pride ourselves on the ease of access to our service, the flexibility with which we work with our partners and the great relationships that exist within our network – we are an extension of your team.

How StayPrivate assists Cox Financial

Like many financial planning firms, Cox FInancial and its clients rely on email to exchange personal and confidential information to get business done.

Find out how StayPrivate helped to provide a secure and GDPR compliant service.

The 7 Steps to ensuring GDPR compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation came into force on 25th May 2018. GDPR reflects the increasing importance of personal data since the previous Data Protection Act, tightening the requirements on companies storing, sharing, sending and receiving the personal data of EU citizens.

How StayPrivate assists with GDPR Compliance

The GDPR toughens the requirements on companies storing, sharing, sending and receiving personal data. StayPrivate helps businesses to keep personal data private, communicate securely with clients, and deliver subject access requests safely and conveniently.


StayPrivate’s secure communication solution is helping businesses of all sizes to communicate safely, securely and conveniently with their clients and other contacts.

Distology and StayPrivate Breakfast Briefing

Designed for the corporate environment, StayPrivate enables you and your contacts to do business securely and compliantly. StayPrivate has quickly grown to be a leader across the professional services and SME sectors. Join us on the 5th September from 9:30 until 10:30 to learn more about the benefits of a true collaborative partnership with StayPrivate and Distology.