Portnox Platform Solutions

Portnox is a proven server software solution that works with your existing networking infrastructure and deploys on any server. A single portnox software instance can manage up to 20,000 ports across all access layers, multiple sites, network vendors and physical locations.

The Portnox Platform provides complete control of all network elements; 100% network coverage, from initial authentication and compliance assurance to enforcement and remediation.

Portnox is a truly unique 100% ‘agent less’ server software solution that supports heterogenic environment while providing a complete network/device/user coverage. All that with no MAC addresses nor inventory management; the 802.1x ‘standard’ is not required and there are no network changes, upgrades or updates called for.

Portnox makes NAC an achievable reality. Upon its deployment, Portnox assumes control and security of any network entry point (access layers) to the enterprise’s network from the standard Ethernet to wireless to virtual servers, even to a cloud based service. With Portnox deployed and prior to gaining access to your network, an IP device must be identified as a legitimate, authenticated and authorized device.

Portnox authenticates and authorizes access by providing a robust authentication mechanism and granular NAC policy supported by a unique visualization interface with strong management and access control tools.

How does it work?

Key Features

  • Fail open architecture
  • Granular 'connection model' and policy options
  • Single server manages up to 20,000 ports
  • No traffic mirror/tap/bridge/poison
  • True agent-less solution
  • Rapid deployment
  • 20 different authentication profiles
  • Corporate directory, domain and BPX integration
  • No MAC address or inventory management
  • Scoring based authentication

With Portnox you can:

  • Monitor any access attempt and identify each device and user at the access layer level
  • Enforces corporate security & ensures regulatory compliance
  • Maintain corporate identity and ensure compliance
  • Again control of your virtual domain
  • Enforce location based access policy
  • Get to know who, when, how and where devices and users are taking part of your network
  • Protects against the ‘unknown-unknowns’
  • Maintain granular access control at the level of the access layer
  • Contain infected and rogue devices
  • Achieve comprehensive network hygiene