For a cyber attacker there are hundreds of ways into an organisation, but once in, they will always need use of privileged account to access and infiltrate any interesting data.

Osirium’s PXM Platform consists of four core modules designed to make the completion of privileged tasks easier and more secure. The PXM suite offers complete end-to-end accountability and shows precisely who did what, where and when.

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Every IT infrastructure is managed by privileged users – users granted elevated control through accessing privileged accounts to ensure that the uptime, performance, resources and security of the computers meet the needs of the business. Our Privileged Access Management solution addresses both security and compliance requirements by defining who gets access to what and when.

Privileged Task Management runs automatically on behalf of your team members without granting insecure and unaccountable direct access to any privileged accounts – allowing SysAdmins to safely delegate complicated multi-step tasks, without fear of human error by reducing execution to a single click.

Often it is vital to know exactly what has been done to a system from where and by whom. This could be to investigate suspicious behaviour or for audit purposes. The PxM Platform’s Privileged Session Management enables security and compliance managers to record, store and playback any privileged activities that take place across their entire hybrid-cloud infrastructures.

Privileged Behaviour Management is machine learning that creates a series of baselines against which privileged user actions are measured. With PBM, a user’s posture is about when and where they execute tasks and interactive sessions. PBM learns each privileged user “baseline” alongside their peers. Simply put, if a privileged user does roughly the same as their peers, their risk profile diminishes.

Key Benefits

Here are the main benefits, to using the Osirium software for your business.