Meta Networks is reinventing the secure enterprise network for the cloud age. 

Your Secure Network in the Cloud

Meta’s Network-as-a-Service provides workers with instant secure remote access to corporate applications and the internet. Meta NaaS implements the principles of a software defined perimeter ensuring zero-trust, identity-based access. Leveraging a cloud-native backbone, along with always on security, it’s simple to deploy and manage even in complex environments.

Secure Remote Access

Provide micro-segmented user access to data centers, clouds, and SaaS over an optimized, global backbone.

Multi-cloud connectivity

Connect and secure multi-vendor and hybrid clouds; automate and orchestrate SecDevOps workflowswith full set of APIs.

Software-defined perimeter

Provide zero-trust, granular access to applications and infrastructure and authenticate at the packet level.

Cloud-delivered security stack

Provision with ease using meta’s user policies and manage cloud-delivered network security products from leading vendors.

Secure branch connectivity

Rapidly connect branches to to the WAN with a lightweight virtual gateway and a robust global
network backbone.

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how it works

With Meta NaaS you can onboard every employee device (as well as sites, data centers and clouds) to a world-wide virtual overlay network. All traffic is secured: internal traffic is protected by a software-defined perimeter, and internet traffic is protected by proven products from leading vendors. By abstracting the physical topology into a flat, logical network, Meta NaaS enables policybased management of users and resources. The NaaS is designed to reduce latency and ensure the best possible user experience for your employees, leveraging the latest in cloud-scale technology.

key features

Global Network Backbone

Designed to support millions of concurrent users, our cloud-native, encrypted overlay network features a large number of PoPs to reduce last-mile latency and optimize routing.

Identity-based Policy

Simple, SaaS policy management is based on users and network entities: applications, clouds, subnets, etc. Each network entity has a unique, permanent identity.

Software-defined perimeter

Use policies to define secure enclaves of users, applications, and clouds that are isolated from the internet and the rest
of the organization. 

Best of Breed Internet Security

Using patent-pending “split tunneling in the cloud” NaaS directs internet traffic through the security stack of your choice to provide complete protection.

Auditing and Analytics

Since user/device identity is permanent and embedded at the packet level, all network traffic is fully attributed and auditable. Integrated analytics support anomaly detection.

meta networks brochure

With Meta NaaS™, you can rapidly connect people, applications, clouds and sites, and secure them with a software-defined perimeter. Download the Meta Networks Corporate Brochure.

customer stories

Dynamic Yield Case Study

Dynamic Yield’s customer success team needed an easy way to demonstrate the platform’s geolocation personalization capabilities. Read how Meta Networks provided Dynamic Yield with a smart system for connecting their customer success teams to their customers’ data in a secure, easy to use, and extremely flexible way.

Making security effortless for employees

MyHeritage employs 420 people who work out of offices throughout Israel, North America, and Europe. Each MyHeritage user is only exposed to the specific applications he or she needs, regardless of which data center it’s located in. Their Sales and Support teams have seen an increase in productivity because they now connect once, and access everything they need. 

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