LepideAuditor Suite

LepideAuditor Suite is a simple, cost effective and scalable solution for auditing changes made to the following critical IT systems:

The solution audits, monitors and alerts on changes made to these systems, tracks current permissions and permission changes and tracks/alerts on all aspects of file and folder activity.

Key Features

Intuitive Dashboard

Our 360 intuitive dashboard provides you with all the details you need to get a complete overview of your IT environment from a single place. It allows you to easily view changes made to each platform, changes per administrator, changes by source and changes by trend. It also features a performance check section and displays a live feed of changes being made as they happen

Mobile App

Our app works on all Apple or Android enabled devices and provides a LiveFeed of changes made to your critical IT systems. This will help to give you the detail that you need wherever and whenever you need it.

Real Time Alerts

We offer real time alerts based on a single condition/event or threshold based alerts where you can define the conditions that trigger the report. For example, you can choose to receive an alert when a certain event occurs multiple times over a pre-defined time period. This will ensure that you are constantly aware of changes being made in real time.

Granular Reports

We provide over 270 pre-defined reports designed to help with all manner of systems management, security and compliance challenges. We allow you to quickly find out the answers to who, what when and where changes are made to your critical IT systems. Easily schedule reports to be delivered by email and view them either through the main console or a secure web based console on a delegated basis.

Permission Analysis

We show you the effective permissions current applied to audited folders, subfolders and files and even shows historical permission changes between to specific date and time intervals. This applies to changes in the permissions of files and folders, Active Directory objects and Exchange objects.

Powerful Search

Our powerful search function that allows you to quickly and easily find exactly what you need to find from our granular reports. It also enables you to save a certain search so that you are able to quickly access it for future uses.

File and Folder Level Activities

Our solution will enable you to track and alert on all aspects of file and folder activity – enabling you to see who, what, where and when files/folders are accessed, created, modified, copied or deleted. This applies to your Windows File Server and NetApp filters.

Rollback Changes

Our Active Directory and Group Policy rollback solution will allow you to restore any change made in error in just a single click. It will restore everything to exactly as it was before the change – including group memberships, attributes and permissions. This will ensure that you can easily and quickly fix any mistake that may be made.