Unite IT Against Cyber Risk

Kenna Cyber Risk Context Technology™ is the only technology that looks outside the organisation in order to understand which of the masses of vulnerabilities are most likely to pose a real threat.

Team Up On Risk

The Kenna Security Platform is a scalable, cloud-based solution that gives organisations of any size a centralised platform to proactively manage cyber risk.

Predict future

Empower security and vulnerability teams to predict attacks and prioritise all vulnerabilities to drive a measured increase in efficiency.

prioritise high risk

Enable collaboration with security in order to efficiently identify, prioritise and remediate the most significant vulnerabilities.

align it and security efforts with business objectives

Deliver a holistic view of the organisation’s risk posture to ensure alignment and enable management to make data-driven decisions.

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Request a one to one demo with one of our product experts and see why Kenna Security is used by high-performing IT Security teams at leading companies worldwide.

Partner with Kenna Security

Distology combine value added support from highly qualified technical specialists and well informed channel managers with a wealth of marketing support and resources on our partner portal to help you support your customers and compete for new business.

The Kenna Platform offers resellers an industry leading and vendor neutral risk management solution that complements a wide range of vendors. Help your customers move to a centralised and consistent, risk-centric approach with maximum speed and minimum effort.

The science behind Kenna Security

Kenna's platform seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows, processes and tools, making for an easy and rapid implementation. An intuitive user experience enables all operational groups to efficiently and easily navigate the platform.

Ground Truth Telemetry

Billions of pieces of information that tell us about what attackers are doing, how, and what tools they are using, to exploit vulns in the wild.

Risk Scoring Engine

Algorithmically determine risk scores of vulnerabilities and assets based on GTT, customer vulnerabilities, and customer asset data.

Predictive Modeling

Machine learning algorithms that predict the probability of exploitation, based on historical data for newly released vulnerabilities

Remediation Intelligence

Prioritize remediation based on maximum impact of risk score reduction and increase in efficacy across all

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A modern security team thrives on their ability to make critical, strategic, and data-driven decisions. Download the Kenna Security solution brief to see why having the right information at your fingertips is essential. 

Real World Exploit Data Science & Predictive Analytics

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