The User Friendly Security Awareness Platform

Cyber Risk Aware’s industry-leading content automatically educates your employees on an ongoing basis, leading to long term behaviour change.

Cyber Risk Aware is a comprehensive security awareness training, phishing simulation and user knowledge assessment solution designed to measure the level of human risk within a company, and protect your business from becoming a victim of cybercrime.

Phishing Simulation

Equip your team to identify and prevent phishing attacks
Phish Maestro™, hosted in Azure is the most scalable and user-friendly mock phishing platform on the market. Schedule an unlimited number of regular and advanced simulated Phishing Security Tests, to assess the level of phishing risk in your business.

Security Awareness Training

Raise employee cyber security awareness
Introducing you to the most user-friendly security awareness training and mock phishing platform on the market, Cyber Risk Aware, which helps companies build a Human Firewall and last line of defence against cyber-criminals.

Real-Time Intervention Awareness

Real time training in response to risky behaviour
With Real-Time Intervention Awareness module, clients create security awareness content on our platform such as snippets of security policies, tips and warnings. This content can then be sent to an employee immediately in response to an existing security defence having detected risky behaviour.

Cyber Knowledge Assessments

Assess the level of cyber knowledge in your business
Cyber Risk Aware tests the effectiveness of training with the Cyber Knowledge Assessment Quizzes. Clients can either create their own assessment questions and answers or they can choose from our pre-supplied assessments.

Risk and Compliance Reporting

Meet your risk and compliance requirements
With Cyber Risk Aware, companies can very quickly produce reports and provide to auditors and internal management: how much training has been delivered, how effective it has been and where the risk is more pronounced owing to a lack of staff awareness.


58% of UK companies have reported data breaches in the last two years. Get in touch with us today for your 1-1 demo and learn how you can help your customers improve user awareness about cyber security threats. 

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95% of security breaches are caused by lack of staff awareness

Educate your employees, understand your level of risk and report your compliance

Why do staff need cyber security training?

Cyber criminals target the weakest link in security, “The human”.

Technical defences do not stop incidents from happening due to risky user behaviour.

23% of phishing emails are opened by staff with 11% opening attachments or clicking on links.

Traditional training is not fit for purpose and is an annual, “compliance”, tick the box exercise that does not change user behaviour long term.

Why Cyber Risk Aware?

Is proven to reduce human cyber risks by up to 90%

Offers highly engaging security training courses and videos

Maximises the return on your investment in existing defences by immediately triggering ‘real time’ security and compliance messaging to users in response to detected risky behaviour immediately

Is hosted as a service that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, on any device, and does not require any changes on your network

try out the full platform for 90 days!

Our customer experience is world class, hands on and delivered by innovative and great people. Access the full platform for 10 days to experience Cyber Risk Aware’s comprehensive solution in action.

Customer Stories

SMYTHS TOYS - Seamus Hogan

Applegreen Plc utilised the Cyber Risk Aware solution to quickly assess and demonstrate to the business owners the risks associated with the increasing prevalence of Phishing emails and the importance of providing staff with effective Security Awareness Training. 

The deployment was very quick and our IT department were extremely impressed with the fact it was non-intrusive and simple to deploy. The ability to generate personalised phishing emails was simple and very effective.

APPLEgreen - vincent nolan

Security awareness never stops and using Cyber Risk Aware allows us to continually educate, test and train all our users. Whenever the latest scam goes viral we are immediately able to simulate this attack and raise staff awareness without compromising our network or users.

Our IT Security Team have seen a significant reduction in requests from employees checking if an email is something legitimate or Spam/fraud as they are now more aware. Cyber Risk Aware is a huge factor in delivering this education and awareness to the end user.