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Go Passwordless with the YubiKey

Did you know that passwordless is the future of modern authentication? Let’s face it, remembering 130 different passwords is a challenge. What happens if an online site storing your details gets hacked? Threat actors now have your username and password, which they can now use on other sites. Passwords alone are a liability.

Step in the YubiKey! It provides strong multi-factor authentication that’s easy to use and reduces IT costs – making it easy to deploy strong, scalable authentication that eliminates account takeovers from phishing attacks.

Account Mapping

At Distology, we offer a free account mapping service to organise and target a prospect partnership. We can provide the building blocks that will help you focus on what is ahead for your business.

Just reach out to the Distology team and we can arrange a meeting to go through the account mapping process with you.

Distology Passwordless PDF Guide

Why the Future of the Password Is Passwordless

Download this handy PDF created by the Distology tech team explaining why the future of the password is passwordless in simple terms. This will help your prospects understand why passwords are unreliable and adopting passwordless technology is essential for todays modern threat landscape.

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