Our Cyolo Toolkit

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Safely Connect People to Work with Cyolo

Your customers don’t have to choose between security and accessibility!

On-prem, remote, third party? No problem!

By retrofitting your customers existing systems with Cyolo’s modern authentication infrastructure, which utilises identity-based connectivity, you can confidently identify and quickly connect users to the resources they need to keep their business running.

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Account Mapping

At Distology, we offer a free account mapping service to organise and target a prospect partnership. We can provide the building blocks that will help you focus on what is ahead for your business.

Just reach out to the Distology team and we can arrange a meeting to go through the account mapping process with you.

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How Distology Implemented Cyolo to X


Find Out More

If you would like to find out more about Distology’s multi-cloud solutions, please get in touch with the team or alternatively, request a demo with one of our experts via the link below.